lens-artists challenge #51 – unique

Unique!!!!! Feelings, experiences, moods, places, events, buildings, music and people????????!!! Let’s go for it all.

“Coffee is a hug in a mug”

Campfire morning coffee out in the Dubai desert before the sunrise…  Arabic coffee can be served golden or black. Arabic coffee is typically grown at a height of 1000 to 2000 meters and represents about 60-70% of the coffee industry in the world. The golden coffee contains saffron, cloves and rosewater. And drinks without sugar. Both coffee and early morning out in the desert were very unique experiance to me. (March 2019)

“Flowers are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful’,
and sitting in the shade”.
Rudyard Kipling.

The “Bataille de Fleurs” (the battle of the flowers) a part of the yearly Carnaval de Nice. Every year, costumed models parade on flower-covered floats and throw a hail of flowers to the public. One of the most spectacular events I ever been too. The flower parade goes back to 1876. (Febarury 2019)

“In such a porcelain life, one likes to be sure that all is well
lest one stumble upon one’s hopes in a pile of broken crockery.”
Emily Dickinson

Royal Copenhagen, Juliane Marie was known as a modern queen and a strong supporter of the country. It was the task of the reigning monarch to safeguard the country’s economic health with the development of domestic products and services. Her greatest legacy was founding the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory in 1775.

Every piece has about 762 brushstrokes and will pass thirty pairs of hands. When you hold a finished cup or plate in your hand. In my book the finest porcelain in the world. So beautiful and unique. (Febuary 2019)

“Being the puppet master, it’s like running Nintendo of America.”
Reggie Fils-Aime

The Gabriadze Theater stands in the heart of Tbilisi’s historic Old Town. This beautiful building of the unique marionette theatre was designed by Gabriadze himself. Opened in 1981, the Gabriadze Theater has become a much-loved part of Tbilisi’s cultural scene. It’s a small space with only 80 seats. The clock tower attached to the theatre, and built by Gabriadze in 2011, is one of the city’s most instantly recognizable landmarks: the Leaning Tower of Tbilisi. Keep an eye on the tower on the stroke of each hour, when an angel mannequin comes out to strike the bell. The tower also contains the smallest public clock in the world. (December2018)

“Most people are actors on a stage of their own illusions.”
Steven Redhead

The Waldbühne is an amphitheatre at Olympiapark in Berlin, Germany. It was designed by German architect Werner March in emulation of a Greek theatre and built between 1934 and 1936 as the Dietrich-Eckart-Freilichtbühne, a Nazi Thingplatz, and opened in association with the 1936 Summer Olympics. In 1982, a canopy was erected over the stage, providing both a visual and an acoustic barrier. It seats more than 22,000 people. (July 2018)

“My grandfather was a wonderful role model.
Through him, I got to know the gentle side of men.”
Sarah Long

My grandpa Emil Gustavsson died 1956. I was only 8 years old. He was a fantastic woodcarver, his pieces can be found at the Swedish Parlement and The Royal Palace in Stockholm plus the maritime museum in Gothenburg. But he was also the forest caretaker and when I was 7 years old he brought home a small owl that had fallen out the nest … we named him Oscar.  My grandpa was gentle, funny and what you saw was what you got. A very handsome man too. I’m so in love with my grandpa. Very unique man in many ways.


Unique music … is there an only song that I can think about, “O Store Gud”. A Swedish hymn that sings all over the world.

“O Stor Gud/How Great Thou Art” is a Christian hymn based on a Swedish traditional melody and a poem written by Carl Boberg (1859–1940) in Mönsterås, Sweden in 1885. It was translated into German and then into Russian. It was translated into English from the Russian by English missionary Stuart K. Hine, who also added two original verses of his own. It was popularised by George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows during the Billy Graham crusades. It was voted the United Kingdom’s favourite hymn by BBC’s Songs of Praise. “How Great Thou Art” was ranked second (after “Amazing Grace”) on a list of the favourite hymns of all time in a survey by Christianity Today magazine in 2001. (text; Wikipedia)


Carl Boberg and some friends were returning home to Mönsterås from Kronobäck, where they had participated in an afternoon service. Presently a thundercloud appeared on the horizon, and soon lightning flashed across the sky. Strong winds swept over the meadows and billowing fields of grain. The thunder pealed in loud claps. Then the rain came in cool fresh showers. In a little while, the storm was over, and a rainbow appeared.

When Boberg arrived home, he opened the window and saw the bay of Mönsterås like a mirror before him… From the woods on the other side of the bay, he heard the song of a thrush… the church bells were tolling in the quiet evening. It was this series of sights, sounds, and experiences that inspired the writing of the song

“Being unique is better than being perfect.”


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    • Dia, yes … he did and his figures had so much humour … even a bit naughty. A man with a big heart and soul. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. GoingBacktoBedHug.

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