officially summer in skåne now??????!!!

… because we can use our Summer jo-jo card, that means that we have unlimited travel on all public transport inside our county, Skåne (Scania). It’s not for free … 699SEK/$74./£58/66€ and valid from 15th June to 15th of August. A fantastic deal and I have been buying the card for 10 Summers now.

So I used my card first time this morning, had to be at the day clinic in time so my test will be done before 9am and what a fantastic morning that met me outside my apartment.

I walked back home from the clinic and I meet some stunning beauties on my way, just beside the clinic in the park, there was 100’s of poppies enjoying the morning sun. My favourite summer flower. Just love it.

And I was also checking up on Mrs & Mr Swan in the park pond, but no cygnets yet. She is still in the nest … but normally they will be swimming around at the end of May. I’m a bit worried that something is wrong with her eggs and there will be no cygnets. It’s only Mr Swan that is strutting around in the park. I really hope that is they will arrive this week.

I also met some garden beauties on my way home too. Was on my balcony with my second-morning cup of coffee at 9.45am.

Feeling good today!!!!!!

“Honestly, nothing tastes as good as feeling good.”
Jinder Mahal

Please take the time to listen to this beautiful music piece composed by a young Swede, Kalle Edh. This music just match the morning I have today.

4 thoughts on “officially summer in skåne now??????!!!

  1. Nothing, but nothing, tastes as good as feeling good, Vivi!! Love the poppies you are showing here, and I’m on my first coffee this morning, and need to start my exercises

    • Good Morning, Sue …. I was up with the birds this morning. To see all those poppies this morning has really made my day and the morning sun was playing with them. Good luck with the exercises … I got mine through walking back home.

    • … it was a great couple of days we had. Loved every minute. Somebody told me the other day that she had one 28.05 – but there isn’t any cygnet now????!!! Don’t have a clue what has happened and last year she had two and they disappeared too??? So sad. Who is taken them??? People or seagulls??? Terrible. So upset.

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