shit happens

.. at the beginning of the week I ended up as an emergency case at Helsingborg hospital and I didn’t know for how long they were going to keep me there. So I asked two of my girlfriends to pack me a survival bag and bring to me. I thought while I’m there I will work on my images from my Dubai – Hong Kong – Macau trip that I did in March.

So I ask them to bring my tablet, the bag with all the cables/connections and the SD card that was sitting in my PC.

10 min later the doctor came in and told me that I could go home in the afternoon, so I phoned my friends and told them to take back my things to my apartment – I was coming home for the time been.

When I unpacked my things in the evening – my SD card isn’t to be found anywhere.

I’m totally devastated over the loss, but shit happens. Have gone through everything about 5 times now … and my friend that took the SD card … don’t have a clue where she put it ???!! They were both stressed over my situation I suppose and didn’t pay attention enough on where the card went. 

I just started with my posts about my trip … and here I’m with no images. But no one lost it on purpose.

About my health problems??? Not any wiser neither. They are going to call me for more thorough examinations.

All I can say is that it wasn’t the great day’s experience I had in the ER and the hospital, my mental level was the lowest of the lowest … but I was so well looked after and got help very quickly. I was found with blood in my bladder and loads of it.

But I was more or less in shock over my situation and their findings plus it was so painful. With a cancer journey in my backpocket … my fears raised to the surface. It was a day of both screaming and crying, but also relief over being taken care off and getting help. I felt very small and it wasn’t one of my greatest moments.

So in the bottom line … is health much more important than a memory card.

“If you’re not careful you can spend your whole life
looking for what you’ve lost.”
Moïra Fowley-Doyle

27 thoughts on “shit happens

  1. Health, dear Vivi, is worth a thousand memory cards…. so sad to hear your predicament, but hope those medics will be looking after you

    • Thanks Sue, I’m gutted over the card … but if it’s lost it’s lost, She said she put in her bra and she thought she had but inside the big bag – not a good decision, but I think she forgotten to card in the bra and walked around with all over Helsingborg with it. I’m sure they will. Glad that I was able to go home, but if the blood comes back I have to go back again. So I have an emergency bag packed in the bedroom. Maybe that means I’m not going to need it. *laughing

  2. Oh sweetheart! So sorry to read this and wishing for a happy outcome. Living each day to the full, just as you like to do. Last one in the beautiful Azores. Hugs Vivi 💕

    • Jo, your images from Azores are stunning … what a beautiful place and you have made it possible for us to share it with you. I can deny that I’m worried over what happened to me. It has happened two times before and been to my doctors, but the wrong ones. But very little I can do now … but I’m not feeling the greatest. Thanks for your lovable support. MondayHug

      • You’ve weathered worse, Vivi! And you’re a fighter. Not putting boxing gloves on with you. 🙂 🙂 Bit of a dramatic day here with quick turnaround from Azores at Lisbon airport. We managed to scuttle on board but our cases didn’t make it 🙂 (diary and laptop charger included 😦 ). They were delivered to our door an hour ago. Tired tonight as it was an early start with very little sleep, but do you know, Rafa won his 12th Roland Garros on Sunday, and I was privileged to watch it from the hotel lounge 🙂 ) Sleepy hugs, darlin!

      • Thank you for cheering me on. I need that. Got all the papers today for all the tests I have to take before the CT scan on Friday. I feel better today .. spent one hour with my beautician this afternoon. A full facial treatment … and that made me relax and re-set. Just what I needed.
        Rafa and you … have a special thing going on. Have a lovely evening. TVHUG!

      • Thanks for asking, been away to take some tests before the CT scan on Friday morning. Otherwise things are stable, but I lost a bit of my mojo. Thank you so much for your concern and support.

  3. Yes, health is so much more important, especially as we get older. Blood in your bladder doesn’t sound good. I do hope it’s nothing too serious. Wishing you all the best. Sorry you lost your memory card, but as you say, shit happens.

    • Jo, thank you so much … for your kind words. They think it’s a burn damage in my bladder – but they don’t know for sure and they will give me full examines of bladder and kidneys. It’s 10 years since I had my tumour removed and started my treatment … and side affects has been popping up through the years and none they can fix … I have to live with them. Now an other one??? The card would have kept my brain busy … in all this, but not found yet. I have a hard time just now to concentrate and motive myself. Time for a new flight ticket. *smile

  4. Yes – shit happens, and as you say, health is the most important to have. Hope you will recover and have no need for the emergency bag. And – I am sure they will take good care of you – you would not let them get away with anything less! Hugs, dearest friend!

    • A-C, the bag stay where it is until I got my examines. I’m not comfortable with their finds, but very little I can do more than be observant. But I’m not in any pain as such … and all my values are great. I needed that hug. Thank you so much. Still sad over my the lost card.

    • Loisa, so far so good … not sign of me have to go back. Just waiting for the appointments for the examines to start popping up. Thank you so much for your concern and support.

  5. Hi Wivi so sorry to hear you were unwell but happy to hear you are home again, you know what, I think I can speak for everyone when I say you can almost feel sometimes that we have been on holiday with you at times, your pictures your descriptions your blogs are just amazing, wonderful, I sometimes imagine I can smell the blossoms taste the food, your card that has been mislaid will reappear when you least expect it, with wonderful pictures and memories which you will always have anyway, most important thing you already have Wivi Love G 💚💕

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    • Gina, thank you so much … for your lovely comment. Your nice words landed directly in my software. Don’t really know what to say after reading this.
      I love you!!!!

    • Maralee, thank you so much for your concern. I will get a ct scan on Friday – and the following week will I see the doctor. They are moving fast. Last week we had public holidays .. so they are moving quickly with me. I’m worried, because of my earlier cancer. Hopefully it’s what the doctor think it’s. Burn damage from my radiation therapy. Mentally I’m not at the greatest place just now. Thank you so much .. and I promise to keep you posted about the outcome.

  6. sending you happy and healthy thoughts, Viveka. take care. i’m glad to see you in wordpress; we have been friends in multiply many, many years ago.

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