lens-artists challeng #48 – wild

Wild … ????!!! In my book is there quite a few things can be wild … but not one wild animal on file except some small birds. 

“The ocean is everything I want to be.
Beautiful, mysterious, wild, and free.”

A wild ocean! The morning after a big storm in Puerto villaricos, Southern Spain – October 2018


“The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals.”
Siddharth Katragadda

A wild party!!!! Carnaval de Nice … what a party. It takes place every winter, in February, attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators, French and international, and resulting in nearly 30 million euros in economic benefits. 1,800 people (direct jobs) are working towards the success of this event.

The first mention of a Carnival festival in Nice dates back to 1294 when Charles of Anjou, Count of Provence and King of Sicily, mentioned the ‘Joyful days of the Carnival’ during a stay in the city.

A fantastic event and we were over 1 million visitors that had a blast during the 2 weeks – February 2019

“All true stories begin and end in a cemetery”
Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Nature takes softly over the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw. Nature has gone wild but in a very subtle way. Christian Powązki Cemetery, the Jewish necropolis was established in 1806 and occupies 33 hectares of land.

During World War II the cemetery was partly demolished. German forces used it for mass executions and the burial of victims of Warsaw Ghetto, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, and other mass murders. Nature is slowly covering up the horrific crimes, but it’s up to us not to forget – June 2016

“Falling in love is like eating mushrooms,
you never know if it’s the real thing until it’s too late.”
Bill Balance

Wild mushrooms …. love them, but not enough familiar with them for picking them myself. I’m sure that this is more of magic mushrooms than suitable for my frying pan – Humlebaek/Denmark, October 2016

“Instead of past, present and future,
I’d prefer chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.”
Ashleigh Brilliant

Wild strawberries I picked every summer as a child, living with my grandparents about 56 years ago. Maybe I have picked some after that, but not very many. So last year when visiting Sopot over my birthday, the little farmers market by the railway station had one punet … that cost a small fortune, but I just had to have them and they just tasted as I remember from my childhood (not the best of images, but the flavour was there) – September 2018.

“Many eyes go through the meadow,
but few see the flowers in it”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

A restaurant table with wild meadow flowers is very romantic and very much Swedish summer for me – Wanås Castle (Sweden) June 2017

As cloud over this post, I have chosen “Bells Across the Meadows”, a piece of light classical music by the English composer Albert Ketèlbey (1875 – 1959). It was published in 1921 for both orchestra and piano, and first recorded by the composer a year later. Ketèlbey called the piece a “characteristic intermezzo”. In 2003 it was selected in the final poll by the BBC radio programme Your Hundred Best Tunes and voted the 36th most popular classical tune of all time.

“Au fond du temple saint” from The Pearl Fishers by Georges Bizet became #1!

Please, take the time to listen to it …. so beautiful. Often connected with Christmas, but for me is this pure soft warm summer.

Lens-Artists Challenge #48 – WILD

8 thoughts on “lens-artists challeng #48 – wild

  1. What a wonderful assortment of wildness Viveka – well done! Loved them all but of course the Warsaw cemetery is the one that will stay with me the longest.

    • Tina, ThAaAaAanks. It wasn’t an easy subject for me, but I got there in the end. The Jewish cemetery is one of the most beautiful places I know and every time I visit Warsaw I go there, it gives me inside peace. A true sanctuary , even if it carries so much horrific history, maybe that is why.

  2. Outstanding post, Viveka. The music, the images, the quotes, and all the text. I was very moved by your shot of the Warsaw cemetery. I am determined not to forget, but sadly, many people already have and some deny the historical accounts of the Holocaust. Your memories of strawberries is wonderful. I’ve had some real strawberries in Italy and they bring back wonderful taste memories from years ago.

    • Patti … a Hearty Thank you for the lovely comment. I know, the same over here … the national party is growing and growing. So scary, what has our world come to????!!! … instead of getting smarter we seem to getting more stupid and ignorant.
      Visiting Poland, the reminder of the Holocaust is more or less everywhere. Poland is one of my favorite destinations. I’m not strong enough to visit any of the death-camps, to much in my face. But I love to walk around or sit down in their beautiful cemeteries. We have to move on, but that doesn’t mean that we should forget.
      Wild strawberries … so exquisite … and I think most of us connect that with our childhood. I wouldn’t know where to find them today. *smile

  3. The cemetery, Viveka, is so beautiful – and what led up to it must never be forgotten. Love your choices! The strawberries – I stayed every day with my grand parents too, and the memories from picking the delicious berries, putting on a straw and the taste of childhood. Wonderful post.

    • Thank you so much, A-C! I think that the wild strawberries on straws and the finale day in school before the summer break plus the Lily of the valley is very special memories to many of us. As you say … a taste of childhood.

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