a photo a week challenge: endings

The ending of 2 visits!

“A ship in a harbour is safe,
but it not what ships are built for.”
John A. Shedd

This (in my book) beautiful view I captured from my restaurant table in Istanbul in May 2014. A truly beautiful evening. The cruise liner had ended it’s 2 days visit to Istanbul, but here on the way to a new destination and new adventure for its guests and crew.

“Take only memories,
leave only footprints.”
Chief Seattle

And another visit that has ended – my mum left me in June 2013 (she nearly made it to 91) and in August I lay her to rest in the Baltic Sea. But in a way, a new journey started for us … she had just bought a nice brunt orange jacket that I have had with me during most my travelling since then, so mum has been with me in more than one way. Her jacket has kept me both warm and dry. The last years of her life she spent in a wheelchair … so I know she has loved the freedom my travelling has given her. She wanted to become a sailor at a young age, but granddad said no … but I was able to make my dream come true in 1972 when I got my first seaman book. I’m so likeness my mum, we had the same dreams and longings, but she had quite a tough life …. while I have been gliding. *smile

As cloud for this post have I chosen my mum’s favourite music piece – The Lonely Shepherd (Einsamer Hirte). An instrumental piece by James Last, first released in a recording with the Romanian pan-flautist Gheorghe Zamfir in 1978.

Mum, let us keep on travelling!

A photo a week challenge: endings

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