lens-artists weekly photo challenge, 46 – delicate

Delicacy is much for me,  such a big part of my every day and existence …. here is some I love and that delights me …. and that I cherish.

“It’s all in the crack”

Delicate is for me is a Magnum ice cream on a hot summer day. 

“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.”
Bern Williams

Is there anything more delicate than a magical sunset by the ocean????? This I had in Dubai 2 months ago.

“If feathers don’t ruffle, nothing flies.”
Jessica Raine

And I would say that a feather are one of the most delicate things there is that we can lift and touch.

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.”
Oscar de la Renta

There is nothing more delicate against the skin than real silk. This is my pink summer silk dress.

“The finest qualities of our nature, like the bloom on fruits,
can be preserved only by the most delicate handling.”
Henry David Thoreau

… and of course what nature brings and gives us …. a little blue flower (flax) is nearly the ultimate.

“Take time to be a butterfly.”
Gillian Duce

Children and butterflies-Vienna ,April 2018

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth,
faithfulness the best relationship.”

After my cancer journey in 2010 … I must say my health is very delicate and I still become worried and scared when my body behaves strangely.

“Even if you go far away, I’ll be by your side”
Japanese phrase

We all know how delicate love is. This newlywed happy couple I meet in the  Shukkei-en Park, which is a historic garden in Hiroshima … during their photo shooting – April 2015

AND music!!!!! André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra concert at Malmö Arena – January 2014

Here I have chosen one of the most delicate pieces of music I know “Gabriel’s Oboe” by Ennio Morricone, one of the biggest film scores ever (in my book)… “The Mission” in 1986. Here performed by André Rieu & His Johann Strauss Orchestra. Ennio Morricone is in my ears the biggest soundtrack composer ever and Hans Zimmer comes right behind him. I’m a big fan of good film scores … the composers behind them is today’s classical composers.

P.S. Do you know that an egg is one of the most delicate things we can feel against our cheek???!! Try it!!! That I found out a lifetime ago in junior school.


27 thoughts on “lens-artists weekly photo challenge, 46 – delicate

  1. I would have thought silk was the most delicate thing in the cheek – will try the egg? And nice take in delicate – blue flowers is my top photo of this post – ☀️

    • Silk is very delicate, but an egg is so soft and delicate, learned it school because once a week we spent time with blind children in our own age … and we learned so much about feel, touch, taste and smell. The world becomes very different when you don’t see … things even taste and smell differently. Thank you so much … that field of flax was absolutely breathtaking … I like that image very much myself.

      • Oh of course – it is all
        About threshold and when one sense is diminished the others are heightened – it can be – and I can see the delicacy of the egg- hope I affirmed that – I just also love silk – ahhhh
        Have a nice day

  2. A glorious gallery, Viveka! I knew some kind of food would be there, and music…love the flax shot and love the eggs! I did not know you had worked with blind children – a very educating experience. A totally beautiful post, Viveka – there is so much of You ♥

  3. Beautiful set of delicate images, Viceka. It must be a great experience to learn about feel, touch… through blind children.
    Love the music!

    • Amy, thank you so much …. now as an adult I’m so glad that I had the experiance from the hours we had with the blind children. Everything we learned has stayed with me and it was so natural to learn. Never thought about that the children was differnent is some way. I love the music too … that makes 2 of us.

  4. You had me at ice cream Viveka 😊😊 but your post is beautiful with excellent examples. Let’s hope your delicate health is not so delicate as you think!

    • Tina, thank you so much. unfortunately my health is getting delicate by the year … but not because of my cancer. But it’s what it’s …. it has slowed me down, but not stopped me. *smile

  5. Lovely close up shot of the Magnum. It is such a great ice-cream and I hoped you enjoyed it . It’s one of my favourite ice-creams 🙂 So many thing are so delicate, and agree with you that health and love are delicate. Sometimes changes to delicate things mean our life might be upside down…always appreciate what you’ve got. Hope you’re well, Vivi 🙂

    • The best lolly ice cream there is … going to have one now when I’m watching the last episodes of Line of Duty. I’m doing okay and things and pains are stable and that is good in my book. How are you??? I wish you a pleasant week.

      • Don’t know if you have this over there, but here in Australia we have Magnum ice-cream in the tub. That one is so good too 😀 I am okay…pains in feet while walking but such is life and just deal with it, move on. Wishing you a good week ahead, Vivi ❤

      • Yes, we have the tubs too … but I prefer the lollies. Mostly because I can’t stop if I start on a tub. Mabel, we have all our cross to carry … you’re so right, but I have three on the worst days and it starts to get me more and more, because none of them are easing. But at least I know I’m alive and kicking. *laughing

      • Sometimes I prefer the tub because I can be REALLY good and just take one bite 😀 Glad you are taking care of yourself, Vivi. All of us enjoy reading your travels and writings ❤

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