bbc has done it again – line of duty

… when I was staying with my friends in Scotland a couple of weeks ago they told me about this TV series. I told them that I like the “Bodyguard” which is a BBC production and they told me then I love “Line of Duty” and I have been watching more or less none stop for the 3 last days. Have loads to catching up 5 series has been broadcast so far. Seen 3 series so far and there is 6 episode in each.

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It’s outstanding. This is the BBC at it’s best. Can be watched on Nexflix. And it has been shown in Sweden on SVT and SVT Play, but not available anymore. Series 5 will broadcast 12th of August.  It has a 8,6-star rating on IMDB.

Jed Mercurio
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Both “Bodyguard” and “Line of Duty” are written by Jed Mercurio and both have become extremely popular.

“Line of Duty” is a police procedural television series created by Jed Mercurio. The first series premiered in June 2012 and became BBC Two’s best-performing drama series in ten years with a consolidated audience of 4.1 million viewers. The second series broadcast began February 2014; its widespread public and critical acclaim, led to the BBC commissioning a further two series. The third series broadcast began on March 2016, and the fourth March 2017 on BBC One. The fifth series was completed at the end of 2018 and broadcast began on BBC One on March 2019. The BBC has ordered a sixth series. (text: Wikipedia)

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Line of Duty follows D.S. Steve Arnott an Authorised Firearms Officer transferred to Anti-Corruption Unit 12 (AC-12) after refusing to cover-up an unlawful shooting by members of his own team. Arnott is partnered with D.C. Kate Fleming a highly-commended undercover officer with a keen investigative instinct, who is swiftly promoted. They work under the supervision of Superintendent Ted Hastings, who is one of several Senior Investigating Officers along with D.C.S. Patricia Carmichael of AC-3 and those of AC-9 responsible for uncovering corruption within the police force. AC-12 realise the pervasive nature of corruption and the police’s deep-rooted links to an organised crime group.

Adrian Dunbar plays Supt. Ted Hastings

Who is Ted Hastings? Superintendent Hastings is set on “one thing and one thing only, and that’s catching bent coppers.” He has a reputation as a zealot who is determined to bring down corrupt police officers – and he is the lynchpin of AC-12, sometimes clashing with his juniors and sometimes sharing a joke. But by series five, we’re starting to wonder: could Hastings actually be ‘H’, the high-ranking police insider with an organised crime network at his command?

Martin Compston plays DS Steve Arnott

Who is Steve Arnott? One of AC-12’s leading investigators, who was recruited into Hastings’ team in series one after he refused to take part in a police cover-up of a botched anti-terrorism operation. Steve can be arrogant, angry, and extremely determined. He is also ambitious.

In his personal life, Arnott is very keen on the ladies – sometimes breaking the rules and flirting or sleeping with witnesses – and he had a serious relationship with murder cop DS Sam Railston until she left him when he was detained on suspicion of being “The Caddy.” Arnott was seriously injured in series four when a Balaclava Man chucked him down a stairwell.

Vicky McClure plays DI Kate Fleming

Who is Kate Fleming? AC-12’s undercover specialist, although that role is behind her now she’s moved up to Detective Inspector. Fleming prides herself on being a professional and is utterly dedicated to the job.

She is a mother-of-one and separated from her son’s father in series two after having an affair; after that, she was briefly homeless and then got a flat of her own. So far, work has taken precedence over Fleming’s personal life.

Anna Maxwell Martin plays DCS Patricia Carmichael

Who is Patricia Carmichael? A senior anti-corruption detective brought in from outside of AC-12. On joining the show, Anna Maxwell Martin said, “I’ve been a fan of Line of Duty for years, so was dead chuffed to be part of series five. I’m so pleased I no longer have to keep it a secret! I feel honoured to follow in the footsteps of the host of great actors who make up the Line of Duty family, and Jed Mercurio – of course – has written a brilliant character in Carmichael. She’s a woman on a mission.”


This is what some viewers say about the series.

encaptivating, best of the British film making
I am a crime story lover and by far this is the best (even better than scandi crime Bridges and killing)I have ever seen. The characters are complex and specially Tandi N in series 3, is the most clever criminal police woman ever! I cant say enough to justify watching this best of the British film making, so 100% try.


Probably the best drama the BBC has ever done
Can’t believe it hasn’t had more awards or recognition. Every series is as good as the last. Blows the likes of The Bodyguard and Killing Eve out the water. The acting is so much superior with Keeley Hawes, Vicky McClure, and Thandie Newton particularly magnificent. Can’t wait for series 6!

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Simply great
My favorite crime series ever, ever, ever! I just love the plot, the characters, the story telling. Everything. You wont regret it, for sure!

A quality police drama
A really gripping series with some really good twists and turns.

Another “Best of British”
Another British Drama that shines like a star. I think, although in terms of genre, it is Crime Drama , it’s very similar to the magnificent “Wire” They go in different directions, but still provide the same scale of quality. If we’ve never seen it, you’re in luck. You can binge on the series. You will not be disappointed, wonderfully crafted and acted 9/10

It’s refreshing to watch this show. Milles away from the usual American TV shows. Engaging and intriguing, it surprises you continuously. Worth your time!



I highly recomend this series. It well written and played … and in all honest I think this is a series that mirrors the reality at a Anti-Corruption Unit. Hopefully that the reality don’t have so much “shit” going on at the same time. *smile

Image result for metro belfast

And I love Adrian Dunbar (Ted Hastings) Northern Irish accent and humor.

And most of the filming through the series has been in Belfast, my fantastic old home city and Country Antrim. Didn’t know that until I saw Metro’s pink buses. I think Belfast is the only place in world that has hot pink buses. *laughing.

Belfast has been a “fantastic home” for Line Of Duty, says writer Jed Mercurio.

Ormeau Avenue, Belfast

Theme music composer: Carly Paradis.


“So Steve has been in AC for almost a year now
and every day has felt like a lifetime”
Ted Hastings

9 thoughts on “bbc has done it again – line of duty

    • I do too … brilliant series. Have only 3 episodes left to watch and then I have to wait for series 6, whenever that will be released.

    • The same to you … I hope you get a lovely weekend. Maybe we could talk over the weekend. You would love Line of Duty. Going to watch the 3 last episodes of series 5 tonight. LineOfDutyHug.

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