lens-artists challenge – less is more

… I’m not very good at less. I’m very much a MORE-person in everything I do, own and who I’m. So I don’t have any minimalistic images. I have tried my best here.

“Why don’t you look it into your own heart
instead of looking it into the temples and mosques?”
Sw. Chidananda Tirtha

The Blue Mosque detail in the middle of a cold November night.

“Become who you are.”
Pope John Paul II

My handbag in Pope John Paul II’s room at the fantastic European Solidarity Centre, Gdansk, Poland

“You can’t break what’s broken already.”
LeAnn Rimes

A broken lamp at Cafe Thuys in Amsterdam.

“Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.”
Ryunosuke Satoro

Table view from restaurant Bulaj in Sopot, Poland … a magical May evening.

“Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.”
Oscar Wilde

This is also a table view from a rooftop restaurant where I enjoyed breakfast in Huercal Overa, Andalucia … with my British friends in October last year.

“What a strange thing! to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.”
Kobayashi Issa

A very wet Spring day in Kyoto. I knew a lot about the Cherry Blossoms (Sakura), but nothing about how wet April can be in Japan.


14 thoughts on “lens-artists challenge – less is more

  1. Well, you succeeded brilliantly, Viveka! Less is More even if you though not to find any shots in your archives. So love the sea shot and the table view – but they are all lovely!

  2. Hi Viveka, stranger! I lost touch with you for a long time. Have you been blogging all these times or have you taken a break. I remember borrowed you logo for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

    How have you been? I like your post of Less is More. I take part in this challenge. Let’s get connected again. I published a poetry book last October.

    I have a granddaughter who is 18 months old. I featured her in this Less is More post.

    • Hi there, Miriam … nice to connect with you again. Long time no see. I have been blogging, but not so active as before, because I have problems to sit for a longer time. Cancer treatment aftermath.
      Congratulation to you release … fantastic news and also to your new family member. She are adorable. So happy for you.
      Of course let’s stay in contact. Have a pleasant weekend.

      • Oh no, Viveka, what kind of cancer did you have? I want to know about that. Did you write about that on your blog? I have melanoma and August1 will be my 10 years of remission. The treatment was harsh and put me on almost 4 years of recuperation and therapy.
        A wonderful weekend to you.

      • Miriam … I wrote about my cancer journey many years ago, it’s now nearly 9 years since I did it. https://wp.me/p293Pw-2cChttps://wp.me/p293Pw-2cUhttps://wp.me/p293Pw-8P. Wow, you had a tough journey … but I think it doesn’t matter what kind of cancer we get it gives us scars forever. We have a commercial on TV about cancer-rehab … and it says that it doesn’t matter where we had our cancer it will always go to our head, so true … so true. Glad that it went in the right direction for you too, we are not all this luck to get a second chance on life. *smile

      • I know exactly, Viveka. My brother-in-law died of liver cancer at age 51. My son-in-law’s mom died of lung cancer at a young age (late 50s is very young). I’m thankful even though I still have lymphedema on my leg and have to take care of it every day.
        I’ll read your cancer journey. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      • Sorry, to read about your loses. We were 6 women that kept contact after our treatments and I’m the only standing. Yes, we are all affected by cancer somehow today. I suffer for some lymphedema too, but the compression tights helped me a lot and I still wear every day except during the summer, then I sleep with them. My legs really like the tights.

      • I know, Viveka. I lost many friends from my church group also.
        I wear compression stocking on the left leg got most of lymph nodes removed.
        I only wear it during the day. I have to sleep with free and loose sleepwear.

  3. That sea calls to me! It’s my cousin Adam’s 60th birthday today and they are having a family celebration. It would be wonderful to be there, but we only get one life 🙂 🙂

    • Jo, so true … you did the right thing and you are enjoying your life in the best way now. That is backside … to be away from family and friends, but you feel good where you’re and you are going to UK later on. Just live!!!! BedtimeHug.

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