the last day of winter …. 30th of april


“The Winter Raged”
(Longing for the country) – Herman Sätherberg,1812-1897

“The winter raged among our mountains
snowdrift melt down and die.
The sky smiles in the spring’s bright nights,
sun kisses lives in forests and lakes.
Soon it is summer here! In purple waves
gold coated blue shimmering,
lie the meadows in today’s flames,
and in the grove the springs dance”


In our calendar is the last day of April also the last day of winter and it’s official. This evening will all students put on their white hats and sing out the Winter and sing in the Spring by the big public bomb fires. Today is called Valborgs Mässoafton – and a 1/2 public holiday for some Swedes. It’s also our Kings birthday !!!!! .. and tomorrow 1th May is a public holiday and then we should be out and demonstrating against whatever we fancy. *smile

This I posted exactly 2 years ago – a year when the Spring had arrived in good time, just like this year. The photos are from 31.04.2012. Our spring this year, is a bit late – but tomorrow will I post my month of April 2013.

We had a beautiful day today! – referring to last year now.

The song that you’re listening to – is the song we sing out the winter and welcomes the spring. “Vinter rasat” eller as it it’s true title is “Längtan till landet”

It’s a Swedish song with lyrics by Herman Sätherberg and set to music for choir by Otto Lindblad 1839.
The song is one of the most typical springtime hymns in Sweden and is related to Valborgsmässoafton when sung by student choirs. The text was originally published as a poem in the book hunter rest, 1838. Some years after the advent of justice wrote Sätherberg new text. Both versions are starting about the same. The original version is four stanzas long, the revised version has six stanzas. It is the first two stanzas in the revised version that has become beloved.

On our backyard we have the most wonderful cherry tree – half is white and the other part is pink, but it’s not really blooming yet – not like the “for show cherries” that nearly has flowering. In Summer the tree is so heavy with berries, but they are far too high up …. so it’s “FOR BIRDS ONLY”! Found two bikes in love .. as I was leaving the yard, very cute with the big heart on the wall – sign as none that Spring has arrived.

Walking down to my closest park, about 5 min walk – I pass our wonderful flower and plant shop – there was trolley after trolley with plants outside and pallets with planting soil – very a busy …  one lady couldn’t make up here mind – picking up plants .. putting them down .. pick up some others.

In the park was it full action – the playground was full with kids and their parents – one woman was getting her first tan for the year by the theater wall – the magnolia trees had dropped loads of petals – the grass was total under the 3 trees. Mums where out the strollers and girls were on the runner blades. Town center was very busy and it seems like the shops where open for the full day, normally they are only open to 1400.

In fountain yesterday, when I walked home from the supermarket, was full of birds and 4 ducks walked across the roundabout to get in too – it wasn’t much traffic, but I stood and watch to keep on the cars that came .. and I must say the drivers weren’t that careful. Nobody stopped completely. There was a 5th duck too, but he didn’t take any risks – he was the last one .. and halfway over the street and used his wings. Clever guy. Had hoped that they had been in the fountain today, but not one bird in sight – but I got splash using the night seating.

Walked along the main road into Landskrona center and it was pretty busy – I guess the government’s booze shop (Systembolaget) must have been packed today … another good reason for some snaps today. We have some 100 years old houses along that road that I want to take photos of – so beautiful, I were looking at moving into one of them, but no lift and also too close to the main road. Stunning houses.

And I met my first bumblebee for this year. He was so busy .. flying from flower to flower in the bush … hard to catch with the camera and we can’t have a day in Landskrona without a bus.

So thank you for .. walking with me this gorgeous last day of the winter.

“Spring has come when you can put your foot on three daisies”

(this post was first posted 30.04.2012)

Photos provided by and thanks to: & (top ones)

49 thoughts on “the last day of winter …. 30th of april

    • Thank you so much … we had 3 beautiful days now – wish I had taken the camera yesterday .. with the ducks wanted to go for a swim. Yes, I live in a nice town .. but you live at a beautiful spot too.

  1. Happy spring Viveka… I can cheerfully say we are sharing the same day. Sun and happy people… even smiling- pretty good for Northern Germans! Children at the park, birds singing, beach at the Elbe is loaded. Holiday for us tomorrow too. Tanze in den Mai 🙂 x

    • Yes, lets dance all through May. I know Northern Germans are not the most cheerful bunch, but if a little sunshine and flowers can change that – bring it on. Happy May holiday .. to you and Mr O!

  2. Hi,
    Beautiful photos, and what a lovely park to walk through. It seems there were a lot of others also enjoying their time at the park, and it’s nice to see the trees bloom, the colours of the flowers always brighten up an area, very nice. 🙂

    • Thank you so much … we are so spoiled with our parks in this town – a small town but they have a park team that looks after everything. They do a fantastic job. We had a great day today too and it helps the photos. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thank you for these beautiful pictures. I love when you take your camera on your walks…you have such an eye for composition.

  4. We shared the same weather yesterday, Viveka. Seemed like a one-off though because this morning it was cloudy again here, even had a bit of hail. 😉

    • You right .. couldn’t live where there is not 4 seasons … this longing for Spring is so intense – wouldn’t like to be without it.

  5. Hooray for your spring arriving to deliver it’s glory. As I come to expect, great pics and fitting music.

    • Sweden is a truly beautiful country … during a seasons .. and so is Norway. Do you know that Norway is the greenest country in the world – with 53 shades of Green, Ireland has on 52 ???!!! Must be a Norwegian that has been counting. *smile Thanks for the visit .. tomorrow this years Spring.

    • Aina, thank you so much for … your kind words – have been using the camera now for 6000 photos … so my eye start to get trained.

    • To cold over here .. for dining al fresco – the food are getting cold too quick – but nice cup of coffee and the piece of cake in the sun .. love it. We Swedes love our cafe’s patios so soon the sun comes out.

  6. How beautiful it is there, Viveka. I love your account of the ducks crossing the road. I’m thinking that having wings would be very useful. The two bikes ‘in love’ is a really sweet shot. xx 🙂

    • Thank so much, Sylvia … it’s a post from 2012 that I re-posted today. Yes, the ducks … behave like us humans most of the time. *smile – This year the roundabout fountain is under reconstruction. I hope they will come back. There is also another pair, male … and they sit so close together. I think they are gay! *laughing. Sometimes they walk in to our backyard. *smile – Yes, the bikes was so cute – the heart is now gone. Thank you so much for your visit, Sylvia.

  7. We seem to have leapfrogged into Summer! 28C here today, Vivi. April showers have been and gone, the blossom too- there are almonds on the trees! The hills are full of lavender- purple and green- and beautiful rock roses. Tomorrow is Labour Day and a public holiday here too. Happy Spring to you 🙂 🙂

    • Happy Spring … !!! 28 that is too hot too early. Lavender how beautiful … now I’m envious. I have seen the fields in Provance many years ago .. stunning. Enjoy all the beauty around. And stay good to yourself. BedtimeHug

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