the battle of the flowers (Bataille de Fleurs)

Yesterday I found my “lost” memory card with all the magical images from the “Bataille de Fleurs” – one of the highlights from the Carnaval de Nice, that I visit in February. I had put it in a little box that I normally keep my “lucky pills”.

I’m so thrilled and delighted that I now will able to share the colours, the flowers and all the pretty girls (even pretty boys -see below) in their amazing dresses.

Every year, costumed models parade on flower-covered floats and throw a hail of flowers to the public. The flower parade or “battle” represents a unique show renowned on the French Riviera.

The origins of this event go back to 1876 when the first flower parade took place along the Promenade des Anglais. We owe its creation to Andriot Saëtone.

In the beginning, it was a simple exchange of flowers to entertain tourists but the idea quickly took on and was developed to pay tribute to the local flower producers.

From 2005 on, the flower parades share the same theme as the carnival parades.

Today, this event highlights the wide diversity of flowers in our region as 80% of flowers used are produced locally.

Someone should have warned me that the Bataille des Fleurs, was not a contest between the flower floats in a parade but rather an actual ‘battle’ to catch the flowers being thrown at the spectators throughout the parade.

Even I manage to catch some mimosa and coronations.

After the parade, they strip all the floats from their flowers and give to the audience that stays behind.

We were all cheering, stamping, waving and singing … and this was 3 a clock in the afternoon, the atmosphere was electric.

The flower parade is twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday, under the 2,5 weeks that carnival is on. This year from 14th of Febr to 2nd of March.

I made one major mistake and that was that I booked the seats on the sunny side … and the sun litterly frying me slowly under nearly 2 hours and it was hard for Oscar to work against the sun.

So next year will I book my seat on the other side for the daytime parades because I’m going next year again. The theme for next year for the whole event will be fashion, but the dates are not announced yet.

It was absolutely impossible not to be happy and loaded with “feeling good” after a show like this: it’s impressive, fun, magical, spectacular and filled with plenty of joy!

Dancers and performances from all over the world … South Korea, Brazil and Croatia were the ones I notice.

Carnaval de Nice was one of the most magical events I been to. Worth every cent and all the walking, because public transport was redirected and very well organized, but it meant that we had to walk more or less back to our hotel.

I’m so amazed by all the work that has gone into this …  the hair, the makeup, costumes, the flowers that they arrange twice a week … the security … and of course the audience, every seat was taken during the 3 events I was at. Not one empty chair and then all the people that were standing. And the next morning Nice is back to normal … all traces are gone from a world-class festival.

Merci beaucoup, Nice!
On se voit en 2020 !!!

“A man walks into a flower shop….”I’d like some flowers please.”
“Certainly, Sir. What did you have in mind?”
He shrugs “Well I’m not sure, I uh, I uh, I uh…”
“Perhaps I could help. What exactly have you done?”

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