my take on dubai (part 2)

… the early sunrise desert safari is my highest note in Dubi. Even if it meant that we had to be up by 04.15am. The pick up was 05.00am at our hotel. It was a very chilly start on our day …. but when we after about 60 minutes drive was out in the desert and was served some Arabic coffee spiced with cardamom, saffron and cloves while the sun was rising over the red sand dunes, I didn’t feel the chill.

As you know am I, not a believer as such but at that moment … I could have become religious. No words or images can describe how beautiful it was.

After breakfast, we were introduced to Zizzy, a falcon … that has travelled the world in first class. What a beautiful bird, her nickname was “the queen” Its owner had to other falcons too. He did only 2 shows per day because a falcon only eats ones. Amazing to see how it catch its prey and how it was protecting it when eating. She had chicken for breakfast.

After that was it time for the fun …. the dune driving. Because there were elderly people in our car (Anna Liisa and I) our driver couldn’t drive so fast he normally does. But it was perfect. It was 2 cars in total and the other car was flying over the dunes … our driver was very sensible.

Oscar liked it too and the images above were all taken from the dune drive. The whole drive adventure took 30 min. Then it was time to return to the hotel. On the way, we stopped to put the air back in tiers and give us a chance to visit a restroom at a filling station.

Just an amazing experience that I highly recommend – we booked with “KLOOK”. We didn’t go for all the other bits; like sand boarding and camel riding. The breakfast picnic box was okay and the coffee was fantastic. Very reasonable prices too, 400SEK/$44/£34/€39. Well spent money. That sunrise is priceless!!!!

Our hotel had shuttle buses twice per day to all the major beaches, we visited Kite Beach (our favourite) and JBR Beach.

Kite Beach we visit because of the International Dubai Food Festival and Kite Beach is where the action is with all the food trucks, but we didn’t go until Saturday afternoon, so it was on it’s last “leg”. Most food trucks were gone … but there was still enough for us to enjoy a great dining experience there on the beach.

We enjoyed fantastic slicers from Krush Burger’s truck and they served the best fries I ever had. For dessert, we went over to the French bistro truck and had some crispy waffles with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Didn’t hurt at all. And we finished off with a great coffee from the 95 coffee truck. Couldn’t have a better dining adventure and the pleasantly warm evening with a fantastic sunset didn’t make it worst. Along the beach promenade there were loads the activities for the young and the adults, just amazing how well everything was set up and so clean. There was something for us all. The beach was very busy with locals and tourists taking an evening stroll and waiting for the sunset.

The sunrise we experience that day out in the desert was magical and was the sunset at Kite Beach fabulous.

What a day we had!!!!

“We don’t “have” a great day,
we “make it” a great day!
Frosty Westering

15 thoughts on “my take on dubai (part 2)

    • Thank you so much, Michael … the objects were great. *smile – have you seen my post about the Abu Dhabi mosque … got some truly magical images???.

      • Yes, they are even more exceptional! The mosque in Abu Dhabi is the place my wife and I would like to go. We have basically exhausted travelling to all regions requiring less than 5 hours travel. Travelling from HK to Dubai would be another step up. We are waiting for the temperatures to become cooler.
        Take care!

      • We flew from Dubai to Hong Kong, 7 hours … it was okay. Only thing was that we landed in HK 6.30 in the morning, a bit too early for check in. *smile March had a perfect heat in Dubai. I’m not that found of Dubai … but it had it’s great moments. The distances in Dubai is too fare to everything, doesn’t matter where you stay. Spending too much time in transit. And there isn’t any history as such … just a long modern city with desert on one side and ocean on the other. Take care you too. *smile

      • Yes, I have been to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, mainly on business, around March. The temperatures were not too hot.
        I have been wondering whether going to the mosque in Abu Dhabi alone would make the trip worthwhile; only transiting through Dubai.

      • Abu Dhabi is a raising star … they have now Louvre and lot of other attractions. Also on our flight was the there quite a few people going only to Abu Dhabi for golfing. So I think you can have a very pleasant stay there without spending time in Dubai. I think it’s cheaper too.

  1. The cultural mix looks fascinating, Vivi. Dubai isn’t high on my list, though parts of it are certainly high 🙂 🙂 But the desert trip looks great. I can never resist a good sunrise. Sending hugs, darlin, and hoping the ass is recovered.

    • Girlfriend, hugs back … I hope you have received my postcards???!!!! It was a fantastic trip we did. Dubai didn’t do it for me, but I enjoyed my days. More to come. Hong Kong is more of my kind of city. Have a lovely weekend.

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