my take on dubai (part 1)

…. I have been there, but I didn’t buy a T-shirt!!! Would I go back????? As it feels today; I been there … had a great time, but!!!!

A very exciting city with many facets … but the distance to everything didn’t matter where you were going was killing it.  Dubai is too much about shopping. Don’t take me wrong I love shopping. I only visit one mall – Dubai mall because we were visiting the Burj Khalifa and we visit one souk, the Naif Souq. Neither ticket any boxes with me.

But there were highlights: our hotel …. the evening Burj Khalifa laser show and fountain spectacular … the visit to The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque … the sunrise desert safari … our afternoon at Kite Beach, the first day at The City Walk and the last day at JBR Beach.

When it came to food … we didn’t really go full in, mostly because of the distances to everything. We had a very good Turkish restaurant in our hotel and we had lunch there a couple of times. Very good.  The hotel had also an Indian restaurant that we tried out, good too.

The evening with the food trucks at Kite Beach was fantastic, even if the Dubai Food Festival had more or less come to an end. That day we got the sunrise in the desert and sunset at the beach. Absolute priceless.

Let’s start with our hotel: “Rose Park Hotel” in Al Barsha – just opposite Sharaf DG Metro Station. Fantastic location, if there is anything like a fantastic location in Dubai. *laughing. Only been opened for 18 months.

A hotel had free shuttle buses to most corners of the city, for the beaches both morning and afternoon. For Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emeriants in the afternoon, but only drop off.

Our room was very spacious and the bathroom had a massive walk-in shower but was missing a handheld shower option … which I missed. Excellent beds and duvets. Breakfast was included in our price and it was very good with loads of choices.

The hotel has 168 rooms on 7 floor and has a rooftop swimming pool and health centre.

The staff was fantastic, so friendly and helpful … the hotel was full of smiles. Fantastic.

The cons with the hotel were that the hanger rack in the wardrobe was so high up that I was struggling to reach … and that it was far too many Russians staying at the hotel (can’t blame the hotel for that). Sorry!!! I’m sure there are many nice Russians travelling the world, but we didn’t notice any in Dubai.

Too many Russians in Dubai in overall and I’m really struggling with their ignorance, demanding, rudeness and unpolite manners.  That was one of the reasons why I had problems to take Dubai to heart.

The Burj Khalifa evening “show” was a total surprise to me, had just booked a table for us on the terrace at “Günaydın”, a great Turkish restaurant with fantastic views. And as we arrived the show started. Didn’t know anything about this event. We both became so childish excited over the whole thing and our table had a fantastic view.

Burj Khalifa laser show is every 15 min past and 15 min to full hour. The amazing fountain show off full and half hour from 6pm until midnight.

Absolute fantastic, no need for fireworks when there is a show like that. We watch the buildings for about 3 hours (6 shows) and the didn’t show the same pattern twice. It was mindblowing. Well done Emaar Properties, the owner of the building. They own most buildings in Dubai. It was utterly spectacular.

Burj Khalifa at daytime … I wasn’t that impressed by the 124 & 125 level floors (At the Top), which we visit – there was outdoor observers deck, but it the whole floor was very narrow and with a gift shop that took up far too much space. And the view … not that breathtaking, but I have a feeling that the sunrise and sunset viewing are amazing from up there.

It takes 60 seconds to reach the 124th level from the ground floor, one of the fastest lifts in the world (36 km/h, or 600m/min).

What was interesting was to read the story and see the images from the construction work of the building. It’s a very impressive building. It took 2 years to reach level 50 and after that, it took one year for every 10th level, 2004 – 2010.

The ‘Global Angel Wings Project by Colette Miller is a nice touch … so many choose to take their photo in front of it.  Colette’s wings are to be found all over the world.

©Sugar Press

We met a great bunch of French youth at the top – and the young man in bandage became “Mon amie” with me because I’m a fan of our famous soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimović, that once played for Paris Saint-Germain.

There is also an observation deck on the 148 level, but we didn’t think it will be worth the double amount of AED. It’s also possible to enjoy cocktails under the star and afternoon tea in the clouds at 152 to level 154, At the Top”, Burj KhalifaI booked our ticket on their website. To buy at the building says to be a lot more expensive.

We had booked our tickets for 11am, but got excess already 10.15am – and because of Anna Liisa handicap (nearly blind) we got special treatment and passed the queues – and got to use special entrances and lifts. Otherwise, the queues start to build up very quickly by big groups. And at the top, it was a bit crowded.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque I have already introduced to you in my post; “the most photogenic building …. sheikh zayed grand mosque”. A tour I really recommend. We went on the afternoon tour because Oscar likes to work in its soft light and it also meant we were able to enjoy the mosque in its famous blue light – even it takes about 60 min to get to Abu Dhabi. To go with public transport it takes even longer.

“Dubai will never settle for anything less
then first place.”
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

8 thoughts on “my take on dubai (part 1)

  1. The mosque was quite something, but I am not sure I would want to visit. Seems like it’s all impressive buildings and not a lot else. You mentioned cocktails. I thought alcohol was not allowed?

    • I enjoyed my visit … and Dubai is impressive and I’m glad we did our stopover. Cocktails????!!! Now I’m lost. We didn’t get any alcohol in Dubai.

  2. They didn’t have the light show when I was there – it looks spectacular. I did see the fountain show which is also fabulous. Dubai is a strange place – so big and impersonal but it sounds like you enjoyed its best bits!

    • Suzanne, you’re so right … impersonal, but not all was bad .. the distance to everything killed a lot for me, but I enjoyed my days. We didn’t to the boat ride because of my friend’s sight problems.

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