#i love nice

Back home from the most fantastic week in SUNNY Nice. The clearest blue sky every day.

It’s so easy to get use to Nice!

Of the carnival … spectacular – all 3 events!!! The people that were there …. made phenomenal! The atmosphere was electric during both day and night events. The Carnaval de Nice goes back to 1873 and has 1 million visitors every year.

People were having a great time and we all went for it. Screaming, shouting, stamping and waving … singing! And there were loads of us!!!! And I was in there Too!!!! This year theme was “Roi du Cinéma” (King of the Cinema).

But …. I have lost the memory card from the evening event and that stunning flower parade, the Bataille de Fleurs (The Battle of the Flowers) plus my day trip at the medieval village of Èze. I have searched everywhere, turned every outside in … and nothing. Absolutely gutted.

Fantastic weather, great food …. and fantastic wines.

The best Salade Niçoise I enjoyed at “L’ Agrume”, Place Giuseppe Garibaldi.

“Salad is roughage and a French idea.”
M. F. K. Fisher

“We will rock you” was the opening track for all events at the Carnaval de Nice and we was rocking, all of us – not one person was still.

20 thoughts on “#i love nice

  1. I have looked up Èze, and it puts me in mind of Grimaud, in the hills above Port Grimaud….a very long time since I visited, about 1989, at a guess. I bet it’s mega-touristy now

  2. You had a fantastic time, Viveka! You are the expert on that! Fantastic shots transmitting the feeling. Sorry about your card – I would have been very upset, but, your own memories are still there!

    • Mrs Jones … I think I lost it when I changed the card up in Eze Village. Yes, I truly had a blast .. the whole city was buzzing, not only when the parades where on. A fantastic week.

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