on the wall … the gift … calm sea

…. on Saturday did I collect it from the frame shop. And now it’s up on the wall … the Danish Photographer Henrik Schurmann’s “HAVBLIK” (Calm Sea) … captured on Greenland in 2013. A birthday gift from Mrs.Jones@The Travel Bunny

It all started when Suzanne was over visiting Helsingborg and me in August last year. One day we spent over in water in Elsinore, Denmark (Helsingør) – and one of the places we visit was Kronborg Castle (Hamlet’s castle) and there on the castle grounds is Henrik’s gallery. 

Never heard about Henrik before or seen his work. We both were taken by his art, both nature and city images. And we had the chance to meet him in person, such a nice man and a fantastic artist.  Here he is standing in front of his “KARTOFFELRÆKKERNE” (“The potato rows” are a settlement consisting of 480 houses built in the late 18th century by the Workers’ Building Association..) taken in 2007. One of the reasons why we entered the gallery.

©Henrik Schurmann

One of the many pieces I fell in love was “Havblik”.

Here is Henrik’s story behind “Havblik”

“The picture “Havblik” I took a late night where the sun is quite low, and the water has settled down. As usual, there are some bumblebees that stroke past the boat, which could drop something off. Suddenly I notice that the birds are reflected in the calm water. I look back – there are 4 more – the camera is ready. They move fast, and the first one I almost can’t see in the viewfinder. The next I catch, but find that the camera’s autofocus does not work – it cannot focus sharply on the uniform water surface, and the bird is hard to hold in a focal point. Quickly I get turned off autofocus and set sharply manually – and it works. The next 2 birds I catch. Shortly after, a weak breeze comes and forms ripples on the water – it all is over – but I have my picture.”

So around my birthday I had to go to my post office to collect a parcel from Denmark, hadn’t ordered anything …. and I didn’t become much wiser when I saw who the sender was:  Henrik Schurmann. How could he know my address … I had been on his website checking out images and prices, but I hadn’t ordered anything … or had I?? 

When I open the parcel???? Of course, it was from Mrs Jones. I got tears in my eyes and my heart became so fuzzy warm. What a lovely thought … and gift for my 70th’s. 

Now it’s framed and up … hanging in my living room. Not sure if it’s the right spot for it where it is just now, haven’t got my head around it yet. Because it hangs beside one of my own images and that is quite big. But it is up.

A big hearty THANK YOU, Suzanne … !!

The feeling I get when I look at the picture is priceless because it reminds me about the great days we had together, your thoughtfulness and your unconditional friendship.

“We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give.”
Winston S. Churchill

7 thoughts on “on the wall … the gift … calm sea

  1. Well that’s just brought tears to my eyes! I’m honoured to have you as a friend and I hope your 70th is an amazing year for you. Looking forward to catching up in the summer. I can’t tell you how difficult it was to choose which image!

    • You picked the right one … it was this one or the sand dunes taken from the sea that talked most to me. Just love it .. and it’s so calming to look at. Fantastic artist and such a nice guy on top of it.
      Looking forward too. Once again, Thank you.

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