thank you … all public transport green.

Yesterday, Saturday 19 January at 11-15, Skånetrafiken, in cooperation with Landskrona City and Nobina, was will be offering the trip for anyone who wanted to try to go on an electric bus.

Landskrona is the first in Skåne to invest in a quiet, clean, fully electrified city bus that comprises a total of 19 electric buses and is powered by electricity labelled Good Environmental Choice. The electric buses provide a clean urban environment with low noise levels.

©sverige radio

The electric buses and the technology shift are the results of tripartite cooperation between Skånetrafiken, Nobina and Landskrona city. Nobina offers a concept, from project management and charging infrastructure to the operation, maintenance and traffic management of the five lines. Already today there are wire buses on Line 3 and from next year’s end, all bus traffic in Landskrona will be powered by electricity.

The buses in Landskrona are BYD’s model K9U (made in China) is twelve meters long and have 27 fixed seats, about 40 standing places and space for prams and wheelchairs. Charging takes place in Nobina’s depot in Landskrona. The buses can run about 20 miles between the charges.

Today they are all in traffic and I used them for the first … GREAT!  They have wide doors and so quiet plus they also tell everybody at the stops which bus it is and the destination. Brilliant because not everybody has sight.

I have to go and check out the largest electric charging station in Sweden … but first I have to find out where it’s.

Well done, Landskrona!!!


“Nature always strikes back. It takes all the
running we can do to remain in the same place.”
Rene Dubos

8 thoughts on “thank you … all public transport green.

    • Yes, very funky and bulky, but so quiet … not as the old trams in Vienna, but I like that they are using them, with the wooden seating. I wish you a very pleasant week.

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