1 million per day????!!!!!

“Flowers really do intoxicate me.”
Vita Sackville-West


Something you don’t know about us Swedes (not even I knew) is that we buy 1 million tulips per day during the season, 150 million in total. That is a lot of tulips!!! 90% of all tulips we buy are grown in Sweden. That surprised me most because I thought they were importing them from the Netherlands.

We buy most tulips in the world … second, come Finland and 3rd little Denmark. About 250 Swedish tulip growers produce 120 million tulips in early spring.

Our favourite tulips are the yellow “Monte Carlo” and as second comes double red “Abba”, followed by “Leen van der Mark’, which is red with a small yellow border along the upper part of the petals.


2 years ago my friend Anna Liisa and I visited Amsterdam and of course also  Keukenhof with their 7.000.000 bulbs (one week’s sale in Sweden!!!!!!!!!!). It’s had bee #1 on her bucket list before she loses her sight completely and we had talked about it for years, so I booked it as a surprise for her. One word about Keukenhof – AMAZING!!!!!!

19 thoughts on “1 million per day????!!!!!

  1. What a lovely friend you are, Vivi! 🙂 Do you have a favourite?
    Hope you’re feeling better today. I meant to pop in yesterday but the day got away from me 🙂

    • Thank you, Jo … I try to be a good friend … Do mean friend or tulip???!!! Regarding tulips – my favourite is “Queen of Night” – the dark purple one, but called the black tulip. My grandma had 100’s of them in her garden.
      As a toddler, I picked the heads of them all .. every spring for fun, but only the black ones.
      I’m feeling okay … but I feel a bit down at the moment, no motivation for the moment – but that will come. No travel this month. Maybe that is the reason. Thanks for asking.

      • Yes, I meant the tulip colour. My daughter has that one too 🙂 Glad the happy pills worked 🙂 An unusual month for you without travel but I expect you’ll be popping to Stockholm or Gothenburg to liven things up? I’m trying hard to keep our son motivated at present. He’s looking for a job, with huge debt hanging over him, and has a tendency to retreat into his music and shut the door on the world.

      • So sorry to read about James and that he hasn’t found a job yet. I feel so sorry for the young today … they can’t get jobs without education or with. When I was young I got every job I applied for in the late 60-70’s. He must feel so hopeless. Maybe he has to consider moving and that can turn out fantastic … he doesn’t know until he tried. That means he will get new friends and still have his friends at home. Look at me .. I been away for so many years and my friends are still around. Friends are for lifetime. I can understand that is tough on all of you. Not good when the young lose their motivation.

      • Yes, times are sadly very different, Vivi. He keeps widening the net and applying and we’re still very hopeful, but in the meantime he has to live. We keep telling him he has already spent his inheritance 🙂 🙂

  2. Wow! I have a love/hate relationship with tulips. Love to look at them, hate that they go so fast. I am going to Keukenhof this spring! I haven’t been there for many years now. Got inspired by you of course…

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