travel diary, mojácar – heavy overcast last full day (day 5)

… my last full day at my newly found paradise!!!

Not the brightest start of the day, but we decided to go ahead with the plans …. to turn to the right and go along the cost against through the Cabo de Gata Natural Park (national park) and the pretty little village of Agua Amarga with a population of just 400.


Agua Amarga is still undiscovered by large-scale tourism, so it is one of Andalucia’s hidden seaside treasures.

…. and we hoped that the weather was going to lighten up along the road. The most stunning coastal view … and the most winding dangerous road through the Natural Park Cabo de Gata -Nijar, road AL-5107.

First, we stopped in Carboneras for coffee. Ian had a special cafe in mind and need to park in the middle of the town, which wasn’t the easiest to find a parking in, but we got one close to the castle in the end.

Castle of San Andrés is situated in the middle of town just by the ocean … a very small nicely renovated castle. We didn’t visit. It goes back to the 1500 century. The little I saw of the village was it very clean and tidy.

About 8000 people live there.  Although the town of Carboneras is excluded from the protected area, 80 percent of the municipality is part of the Natural Park Cabo de Gata -Nijar. Carboneras has traditionally been a fishing village, around 355 active fishermen are still carry on its tradition today.  But today it has a special built modern port for its cement factory and coal power plant. What I understand is desalination plant of Carboneras is the largest in Europe.

Tourism is large for Carboneras.  The town set at just 10 meters above sea level – 0.5 meters more than Landskrona. A really pretty town that I would like to go back to and see more off. 

After coffee, we drove to the fantastic beach, Cand Playa de Los Muertos. The Natural Park Cabo de Gata -Nijar is the most popular and most visited national park in Spain. Famous for its fabulous beaches and flamingos, didn’t run into any of them.

We parked to walk out to the viewpoint for Cand Playa de Los Muertos, our day became very wet … Ian didn’t have any weather suitable clothing, so he returned very quickly to car *smile

But we girls walked the walk, in the rain and wind. The view was amazing.  Playa de los Muertos is right below the cliff and can only be reached by foot. The small path leading to the beach can be somewhat tiring so we would have needed a lot of motivation to get down on the beach. Maybe down wouldn’t need much motivation on a nice day … but getting back up.

But they say once there, you will have arrived in a natural paradise. I believe that. The beach is 1160 meters long and 30 meters wide and whatever you will need for a day at the beach … you have to bring with you. No service what so ever down at the beach!!!!

It was worth it the walk in the rain to the view platform, but Oscar wasn’t in the mood. No great images???!!!

The town of Níjar wasn’t on the dance program this time, maybe for the next visit. Níjar has been described as one of the most picturesque towns in the whole of Spain. I’m sure Liz and Ian have been there.

Because of the rain, we felt that we wanted to go home and so we did over the motorway. The village Agua Amarga has to happen another day. 

Back in Mojáca the most beautiful day met us, clear blue sky and the generous sun. So we went across the street to “Hola Ola” for a late lunch at the beach.

The beach was quite busy with people enjoying the sun. But nobody was brave enough to be in the ocean.

My last meal was fantastic .. beautiful and perfect fried tempura vegetable, followed by a nice tuna … and a grand finale the most fantastic custard cake, can’t remember the name of it.

We enjoyed a great red wine “Burro Loco” (Crazy Donkey) … Ian related to it straight away!!! *laughing 

And also I got a chance to dip my feet into the very inviting but a bit chilly clear blue ocean. Couldn’t return home without being touched by the Mediterranean ocean. 

In the evening we took it easy … and it was time for me to get my head around the packing. I hate to pack for the home journey. I don’t know why everything takes so much more space when packing for home going???!!!. 

Woke up to a golden morning … and was treated with one of my favorite breakfast; French toast with crispy bacon and maple syrup…. what a finale on a fantastic stay with The Jamiesons in Mojácar, “the hostess of the mostess”. Their hospitality has no limits!!! Maybe one …. the drive to Alicante airport is over the pain threshold.

We have been talking about me … coming for the “Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos” in June. My only worry is will it be too hot for comfort.

Getting there no problem, but I think my return journey will do a detour by Manchester.

Liz and Ian, thank you so much for … your generous hospitality, fantastic memories, big hearts, and your unconditional friendship!!!

“Hospitality is making your guests feel at home,
even if you wish they were”




8 thoughts on “travel diary, mojácar – heavy overcast last full day (day 5)

  1. Sounds like you’ll have to return to see the coast in the sunshine! Love that image of the viaduct and the winding road. Friends like these – very special people. So true about harder to pack going back home – what is that!

    • Yes. friends … are a very special breed, they don’t grow on trees. Ian wasn’t too happy to drive that road, so that was why we took the motorway for our return. Stunning view … that national park is something extraordinary.
      Packing to go away somewhere can be a headache at times … but packing going home!!!!!!! As you say, what is that all about. Wish you a pleasant weekend.

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