an unusual tone – hbo’s “succession”

“It’s a show that has an unusual tone,” says Jesse Armstrong, the creator of HBO’s for the season new TV series “Succession” – and I couldn’t agree more. But I love it. So entertaining.


It seems like you neither hate or loves it!

The first episode was broadcast 25.08 this year. And it looks like it’s planned to continue next year with a second season.


… came across it by accident when “googling” …. it has very mixed reviews, but I love it. Love everything about it; the characters, the acting, the storyline … and the totally dysfunctional family Roy, where nobody listens to anyone … and nobody has clue what really is going on in their global-media empire. Not even the founder and the father, Logan Roy, because of his high age and health issue.


The only one with an eye on the ball is “wicked” stepmother, Marcia Roy

This series tells a tale as old as money itself! A story of a wealthy patriarch and the drama surrounding how he and his family deal with power, money, and their own relationships.  ‘Succession,’ a show that heartlessly yet comically portrays a dysfunctional, powerful family.


Season one was built, exquisitely, around gatherings – birthdays, Thanksgivings, bachelor parties, weddings – which brought the Roy family together. It meant that every episode feels like an event, and the minor time jumps kept everything feeling fresh.

©TV Movie Fix

The series starts when the father has handed the empire over to his son, Kendell Roy and retire … but it only takes a day and the father is back in the office and runs the show again on his 80’s birthday.


After the birthday lunch …  they take off to play, a game of baseball, like the family, do now and then – they call it “the Game” … where they give a local person to have a chance to win 1 million $ if they do a home run. This year a young boy gets the chance. Of course, he was only a foot away from the million … that is The Game, nobody wins the money. It’s all a tease!!!!!!


As family where making their way back to the helicopters … and New York, the father collapses. He has got a stroke.

So suddenly all 4 children as to decide who of them is going to run the show. Nobody is really cut for the job, they give the responsibility as CEO to Kendell, the second oldest son and they others take over one section each of the empire, without having a clue what they are doing.


The father recovers and takes back in the CEO seat, but he is far from well … and far from suitable to run the business, but neither is anyone else in the family. Kendall what to expand in more innovation and modern media companies, but the father want to stick with the old school media company like local TV stations.


It is true that most – if not all – of the characters are unlikeable but I think that is part of Succession’s charm! The casting is spot on and the dialog is tight.

For example, Kendell who is temp CEO only wants his father’s approval and pride but gets rejected time after time. He plays the character very well.


I didn’t know what to expect from this show but I was hooked from the first episode, even if didn’t really understood the characters. It’s uncomfortable to watch and hilariously sad. Greg the outsider nephew is perfect and I do love Tom, Shiv, and Roman but it’s Kendall who is tragically watchable.


All the actors are all new to me. Except the Emmy Award-winning Scottish actor and director, Brian Cox that plays the father and James Cromwell, that plays his brother Ewan.







Brian Cox … Logan Roy (Father and founder)
Hiam Abbass … Marcia Roy (Wife and stepmother)
Jeremy Strong … Kendall Roy (Second-oldest son and temp CEO)
Sarah Snook … Shiv Roy (Daughter)
Alan Ruck … Connor Roy (Eldest son, from the first marriage)
Kieran Culkin … Roman Roy (Youngest son)
Nicholas Braun … Greg Hirsch (Nephew)
Peter Friedman … Francis Veron (long confidant and chief operating officer)
Natalie Gold … Rava Roy (Kendell’s estranged wife)
Matthew Macfadyen … Tom Wambsgans (Daughter’s finance)






(All cast images @HBO)

I know that this show maybe is in everybody taste, but give it a try … I highly recommend it and can’t wait for the finishing plot, when every it will be broadcast. I must put out a warning, it contains foul language and a lot of it. 

Great writing and impeccable acting. Just what you’d expect from rich kids all grown up, a ruthless 80 yr old billionaire and his second wife… the storyline is very good and I guess that it will only get better for the second season.


The relationship between Shiv and Roman is hilarious. It has a healthy dose of drama and humor. Glad I ignored the negative reviews and started to watch it.

Most critics are very harsh in their reviews. The UK critics are more in favor of the show than the Americans … but it seems like the viewers like it, the ratings are going upward. 

©HBOThe first season is finishing off with Shiv and Tom wedding. And their unusual wedding night, with the public making about her affair with her colleague and ex-boyfriend Nate. She added that she would not be able to maintain a monogamous relationship.

©Radio Times

Can’t wait for the next season to start.

“Winners don’t think defeat. They think victory.”
Benjamin Suulola

Creator: Jesse Armstrong – Soundtrack: Theme Music by Nicholas Britell – Production Companies: Gary Sanchez Productions, Project Zeus, Home Box Office (HBO) – Executive Producers and directors: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Rated 7,7 on IMDB.

Adam McKay & Will Farrell
©The Tracking Board


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