travel diary, mojácar – sunhine, bowls and in memory of (day 1)

What a fantastic sunrise … my first full day in Mojácar gave me.

No stress in the morning, plenty time to enjoy  the stunning morning coming alive. Nothing really planed as such more than Liz was getting her nails done … and visiting MBC, Mojacar Bowls Club, where Ian is a very active player. Personal I never heard about Bowls before.

It was a memorial game … for a member that suddenly had passed away a couple of months earlier, Steve … the game was held in the honor of him. 

Liz and I had time for a really good cup of Cappuccino served with mini doughnuts (free and very yummy) before her appointment at Parque Comercial Mojácar, a small shopping mall 3 min’s walk from the house and that gave me time to get some cash (forgotten my card in the ATM … a nice lady coming chasing after me with it) and had a look in most shops, loads of nice stuff (especially handbags) … but nothing I didn’t know I needed. 

After Liz was all pimped up … we took a taxi to the club. And the weather was full of sunshine and blue sky. And from the play ground by Hotel Marina Mar there was a stunning view of the Old Village, Mojácar Pueblo. Sitting there on it’s rock in between the mountains. 

Bowls a very interesting sport, I got the basic rules explained to me … I think it could be a sport I could enjoy (but my ball sense isn’t that great). It’s to get so close to the jack (the yellow ball) as possible. Don’t have a clue how the scores are counted, but there is a score board involved … it’s played in teams. Both Oscar and me enjoyed watching the game.

I was also introduced to some of the club members and felt a very warm welcome!

A very civilized game.

After the game was finished Ian took us ladies for a great pizza at “Imperial Playa”– right on the beach in Mojácar, the best pizzas in town according to Ian. 

The pizza was excellent and so was my drink … Tinto de verano (red wine of summer) … The drink is simpler than sangria, and is normally made up of 1 part of table red wine and 1 part gaseosa (a general term for sodas and carbonated drinks). First time I enjoyed it and I LIKE it!

Ian couldn’t chosen a more perfect place for lunch … on a day like that. Life couldn’t be much better: great food, great drink … great weather, great company … right on the beach.

In the evening Steve’s window, Carmen, had invited all their friends … to their bar for a “memorial get to together”. Very kind of her to include me. Carmen, are a remarkable woman. The speech she held was so moving. 

And the food that she and her chefs served, tapas; outstanding.

It became a very emotional evening with excellent food, drinks, wine … and laughter. But also some really bad singing!!! *laughing

I’m sure that is the way Steve wanted it. What I understand were he a very special guy … that left far too early.

“One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.”
Antonio Porchia

As cloud for this post have chosen on of the most beautiful classical guitar pieces, “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” (Memories of the Alhambra) composed in 1896 in Granada by Spanish composer and guitarist Francisco Tárrega (1852-1909). He died around the same age as Steve did, far too young.  Enjoy!!!!

5 thoughts on “travel diary, mojácar – sunhine, bowls and in memory of (day 1)

    • Yes, it was a fantastic day. Especially when it was dedicated to Steve, that I never got a chance to meet. The weather was so fantastic … just perfect.

    • Sue, I totally agree … marvellous. Really my whole stay was marvellous and we had more sunshine than overcast. So glad you like the music, I think it’s such beautiful piece … quite a long time since I listen to it and when I did this post it came suddenly back to me.

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