travel diary, mojácar – to get there and back

I wonder if anyone could say that traveling is without any stress … and I think it’s getting worse by the year, but still, I love it. And this adventure ended in the same dramatic style as it started.

My friends Liz and Ian have for quite a few years now been renting in stunningly beautiful Mojácar during the worst months in the UK where they have there home, in Haverfordwest, Southern Wales.  Have been thinking of visiting down in Spain for a couple of years now, but I can’t fly to their closest airport in Almería if I want to fly direct and not with the charter. So it has been laying on the ice, but then I found out that I can also fly to Alicante and Voila!!! Even if it meant a total of 2,5-hour dreadful drive (each ways x 2) for Ian to pick me up and put me down, the gentlemen he is … he said he will do it for me, but nobody else. So I booked.

Then I found out that my friend Lizbeth only lived 35 minutes from Alicante airport, so we decided that I will do a stopover with her and her lovely husband Neville, before I made my way to Mojácar.

So the morning of departure around 7am I got this feeling that something wasn’t going to be so smooth as it normally is to get from Landskrona to Copenhagen’s airport, Kastrup. Normally direct train with only 4 stops. Seventh sense, I would call it and I logged on to our public transport website and there it was in big letters: NO TRAINS BETWEEN LUND AND HELSINGBORG, and with Landskrona be in the middle of those two cities … BIG PROBLEMS to reach the airport!!!!

I grabbed my bags and rushed to the bus stop … when I got to the station it must have been about 200 people waiting on the replacement buses. The girl that refilled my travel card told me not to take any chance with taking a taxi only to Lund and then hope that everything will be okay with the trains from there, she told me to take a taxi all the way to the airport. 

Taxi??????!!!! None in sight, but what to expect when 200 people were trying to get to work. I had already more or less made up my mind to go home and re-book my flight for the next day. Probably cheaper than a taxi to the airport. Then a taxi arrived and a young man went straight to it, but the driver didn’t except his request … because the driver knew that he would get a fare to Kastrup sooner or later. I was sooner. 1600SEK flat rate (€152/£135/$176) the price is … had no chance, but as I was getting into the taxi a very nice man came and ask if we could split the fare because he worked at the airport. 

No one problem was solved … was on my way, but then the driver informed us that the motorway (E20) was closed outside Lund because they were installing a new bridge, so we had to drive through Lund to get to E22 in morning rush hour. Now around 8.15 am. The driver warned us for queues and they were standing still, but the driver knew his back streets and without ending up in standing still movement he got to us to E22 is a slow-moving pass, but we got there and after that no problem.

I arrived at Terminal 2 at the same time as if the trains had been running, 10.20 and my flight was 12.20. Easy and hassle-free check in with Ryanair and the security check was very quick as it always is at Kastrup.

At Alicante was Lizbeth and Neville waiting for me. Lizbeth and I haven’t seen each other since I retired, probably 10 years in total. She has lived in La Vila Joiosa since the last of her working years and I lived In Belfast. 

My visit started off with a nice Sangria and ended up with a phone call from the bus company at Alicante airport asking me if I could depart earlier to Mojácar because I was the only passenger on the bus that day. So instead of catching the bus 12.30 – they wanted me to be at the airport at 10.45. I just had my breakfast … so rush, rush … RUSH!!

In between, we had a fantastic dinner at their home with garlic prawns and a fantastic curry, loads of catching up into the night and a very good night sleep. So the program for the morning with a visit to the old town and the market was very drastically put on hold for the next visit. And our farewell and see you again … because very rushed – because she hadn’t parked on the best spot at the bus station. 

Very nice of the bus company not to cancel the booking because lack of passenger, excellent service and because I was staying with Lizbeth it meant I could take the bus service to Mojácar and saved Ian driving. They only have one departure per day and my plane landed too late for catching it on the arrival day. 

Fantastic driver …. very little traffic, very comfortable bus! Top Class service, Exclusive Airport ShuttlesWill use again!!!! They are based in Almería and the will do the new Murcia International Airport to Mojácar from January next year.

My 6 nights in Mojácar were priceless … and absolutely superb and I will come back to them one by one. 

Time to go back home, a stunning sunny day … and Ian drove me to Alicante airport, a dreadful and boring journey … and I can understand why he told me he wants to do it again. Have no problems with that what so ever. He has my full understanding.

Check-in was done in minutes … Norwegian check-in was just as I entered the terminal. Very smooth as always with them. Security check quite smooth too. Had plenty of time to enjoy the delicious baguette (bocatas) that Ian made me and do some shopping. 

They were a bit late on arrival, but boarding was very quick and we landed as scheduled at Kastrup.

Just missed my train as I revived my luggage … a soI thought if I take the next train I can change in Malmö to the local commuter train and be home 40 min earlier. The great laid plan and I got on the commuter train in Malmö, nearly made it to Lund … when it stopped for hours. “Foreign object” on the tracks, don’t know if it was two or four-legged, but it held us up in nearly 2 hours on police orders. No train was moving in our direction, so in Lund I have to leave the train … it was going back to Trelleborg and I had to wait for the train that really was my train from the start.

So to make a long story even longer … instead of being at home 10.40pm I was home 02.15am the following day. Why is that the journey home is always the longest????!!!!

“As surely as there is a voyage away,
there is a journey home.”
Jack Kornfield


8 thoughts on “travel diary, mojácar – to get there and back

  1. Oh my what an adventure. I was very lucky in London. We made all our connections without any complications. A couple of days after we returned to Toronto I had to pick up my father from the train station downtown. The normally 15 minute trip each way took a total of five hours because of a train detour. I was in a panic because I didn’t know about the detour until I was on the train and I arrived 30 minutes after my father’s train was to arrive but his train was late for the same reason. Because my father is 92 he moves slowly so we missed our train going back and we had to wait an hour. He had to go the washroom 20 minutes before the next train and he got lost so we missed that train as well and had to wait another hour. We did a lot of catching up in those two hours and the 40 minute train ride.

    • Wow, your dad is a trouper that travel alone on train at his age. I suppose it’s a part of the whole adventure is that we never know what is going to happen along the journey. Glad to read that you have been back in London, it’s a great city … but it has become a bit too expensive for my taste. Get a lot more for my money somewhere else, but you have your son there *smile – we had snow in Gothenburg this morning. And +4C here just now. Winter is on it’s way. Keep warm.

      • It’s been cold here as well for the last week and a few places have reported a bit of snow. I think it may be a tough winter. The squirrels are eating my pumpkin that I have sitting on the front porch. I’ve never seen that before.

  2. Right you are travel is always stressful and something always go wrong. It’s a miracle many of us ever make it to our destinations. We had to re-route going from The States to Italy due to hurricanes here, so the flight grew from a 12 hr to a 22 hour journey, but we got there. Hope you’ll come tour Italy with me, via blog walking that is, lol

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