8 thoughts on “night and day in sopot, poland (images in random)

    • The salmon?????!!!! Is that the only photo that caught your eye???!!!! *laughing I’m doing fine, we have Indian summer here just now -leaving for Spain in a 6 days time … back to the Summer. How are you doing????

      • Must have been hungry at the time. 😃😃 It’s been glorious here. 3 walks done and lots of lovely reunions. Thunderstorm last night and misty rain all day but we got the patio painted yesterday so I didn’t care. Still smiling and sending hugs xx

      • Jo, will you leave UK … soon??? You will always keep yourself busy … and I’m glad that the patio got it’s face-lift before the thunder storm. TimeForBedHug!

      • Great news …. and I can wait to visit your part of Portugal. Easier to plan … when you’re there all the time. A-C could be joining me. *smile ShutDownHug!

  1. Always loved that song, so pretty. Haven’t been to Poland, but it’s listed on a couple of tours we’ve been considering down the road. The picture of the church is awesome. I assume it’s an historic church? Love to know a bit about it.

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