superb seafood and the coolest restroom – seafood station, sopot

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Of course being by the sea it means great fish and seafood and Sopot is no difference. During the last visit, I didn’t eat that much fish as I normally have done during my previous visit, but the evening I decided to go all in …. it became a matchless dining adventure. 

Living in Sweden I’m spoiled with high-quality fish and seafood, probably the best in the world … because of the cold water that is surrounding us and also we Swedes know how to prepare and handle our fresh ocean products. The same goes for Denmark, Norway and Finland. 

In Sopot, there are so many good restaurants that focus on fish and seafood, but I want a new dining adventure and not going back to a place I already been. So when I read about this new restaurant located in the railway station building, I was intrigued.

Mostly because it is located off the track for a seafood restaurant .. all the others are more or less located directly on the white sandy beach. Their reviews are very high scored and the distance to it was only half from our apartment than to the seafront.

And we were up for a treat …. on all levels. 

Seafood Station Restaurant, Bar & Grill
Dworcowa 1-7,
81-704 Sopot
Phone; +48 58 523 88 55
Fish & Seafood
Head Chef: Radosław Wereszczyński
Open all days – 9 AM – 11:00 PM

Marta Lendzion and Janusz Kotański – owners of Seafood Station Restaurant, Bar & Grill in Sopot – were born in the Tri-City (Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot), but for many years they travelled to the extreme corners of the world like the USA, the Caribbean or Dubai. When they returned to Poland, the most lacking was the place where good quality seafood was served with simple additions like oil, parsley and garlic. That’s how Seafood Station Restaurant, Bar & Grill was created, whose interior refers to old fairs and fish halls from around the world.

The restaurant located in the centre of Sopot has 80 seats and additionally a patio in the summer season. It serves fish and seafood dishes from around the world, including Rockefeller Oysters, Baltic herring in cider, Shrimp with oil, garlic and fresh herbs, as well as classic British Fish & Chips. The target group of the premises is very wide, which reflects the variety of dishes (from herring to lobster) and prices (from PLN 18 to over PLN 100).

We started of with a Mojito of course and it was top class. Love that little touch of unrefined sugar on top of the crushed ice.

Both Anna Liisa and I went for the same dishes.

Fish Soup with Cream
(lemon, fennel, peas, celery and anise)

Shrimps with Mango-Chilli, Lime and Coriander

When it came to wine, when our waiter asked us if we wanted a normal or large glass (300ml) Anna Liisa answered very quickly:  a large *smile It became the most expensive item on our bill!!!!  I didn’t mind because it was exquisite; Waimea Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2015 Nelson.  A New Zealand wine that is up there now with my favourite white: Cloudy Bay also from New Zealand.


So I’m very glad that Anna Liisa answered before me because I had gone for the smaller glass. Waimea Estates award-winning wine is vibrant and fruit-focused. An allusion of pineapple and passionfruit comes to fruition as the intensity of this wine builds on the palate.

The fish soup was heavenly …. all the flavours were there and one didn’t overtake the other plus loads of meaty fish. Only one word: WOoOOoOow! Smooth as silk. 

The prawns as I would call them (in my book the shrimps are much smaller) was cooked to perfection and the flavours were so mild but still, we got the little kick in the back of the throat from the chilli. Excellent. I was a bit surprised that it came with a lovely little side salad instead of rice (the salad was stated on the menu), but the end result was superb.

Had a very similar dish at another restaurant in Sopot a couple of years back … Crudo. Also a very good dish.

We didn’t go for a dessert but finished off we a very good cup of cappuccino. The total damage with tip included 422PLN/€98/£88/$144/1034SEK.

The service was superb too, our waiter was very susceptible to my jokes/ humour and showed just the right level of attention plus he was very handsome.

A very slick and elegant restaurant in all it’s simplicity, I loved the wooden beams that they used for their tables. It was very busy on the night we were there … 80% of the seats were taken. 

The man behind the interior design of the restaurant is Jan Sikora and he has created a fantastic dining environment with the coolest restroom I ever been visiting (wanted to take it with me home). Jan can come home and refurbish my bathroom any day.

I highly recommend the Seafood Station, even if you maybe are staying in Gdańsk  … is it worth the train journey to Sopot to get a dining adventure and the trains run through the night. I will return for sure!!

Next time I’m visiting Sopot will I try out their breakfast menu … pancakes for breakfast – LOVE it!. And with bacon, poached egg and Maple syrup it’s the ultimate breakfast.


God’s everywhere.
So remember when you go to the toilet not to laugh.” 
Anthony T.Hincks

I have chosen Kortez’s “Dobry moment” (Good Moments) as the cloud for this post …. because our evening was a really good moment, but I think it’s a sad song somehow??!!!!. Kortez’s real name is Łukasz Federkiewic, born in Krosno, Poland 1989. I have been listening to him for a year now. Love his voice.

10 thoughts on “superb seafood and the coolest restroom – seafood station, sopot

  1. I don’t even like seaford, but the pictures look good! That’s quite a bathroom, you made me laugh thinking about being watched in there, lol

    • Hi there, Sandy … I don’t hope that they watch their guests in the restroom *laughing – I wish I had been able to get a really good full image of the restroom,. Don’t eat seafood???!!!

  2. Dear Viveka!
    Thank you so much for your e-mail and such a beautiful review! This is so nice to hear and read! 🙂
    please let us know next time you are in Sopot, we would love to meet with you!
    Have a great day!

    Best Regards
    Marta Lendzion
    Seafood Station Restaurant, Bar & Grill
    Dworcowa 7, Sopot 81-704

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