mojitos and more mojitos

2 Teaspoons white sugar
0.5 Lime
2 Sprigs of mint
45 ml Havana Club Añejo 3 Años
90 ml Sparkling water
3 Ice cubes

Mojito is one of my absolute favourite cocktails … and when I don’t splash out on vodka & tonic … or as in Porto – white port & tonic, Porto Splash. Quite hard to get good Porto Splash anywhere else than Porto or at my place.

During our visit to Sopot, we both went for a Mojito beside their famous pier in the sunset at Laguna Smaku and it was SOooOOooOooo good. After that, we had decided to try out Mojitos doing the 5 days. 

Don’t know if it was because the evening was so divine, the setting and we were in a need for a cocktail that made that Mojito hard to beat.

A Mojito cost anything from 18PLN/€4.70/$4.85/£3.75/45SEK to 30PLN/€7/$8/£6.25/73.50SEK  in Sopot. Compare what a Mojito cost here in Sweden … a bargain., have to pay nearly 2 times more.

We had Mojitos out in the forest (that didn’t have an ice crusher) at Grono di Rucolabut the mint used in our cocktails was freshly picked from their herb garden. It was still a great cocktail with the whole ice cubs. 

We had Mojitos at the Grand Hotel Beach Bar … on my birthday, a very grey and dull afternoon. Excellent!!! Made out of a shed (don’t think Grand Hotel would approve me calling it a shed) more a less while I was standing watch the bartender, he did it a brilliant job and he topped with some unrefined sugar. Loved it. We had a second one and no pain involved at all. 

The restaurant we had our dinner, later on, didn’t do Mojitos so I was back on vodka & tonic.

Our 3rd day we spent in Gdynia … not much to say about that city – more it was like going back to 60’s – nothing pretty about it at all, still in Gdynia live Poland happiest people all down to their mayor. Back in Sopot we went straight from the train to Whiskey on the Rocks, an American style restaurant sponsored by Jack Daniels. Located along the new station building. I was in the mood for a big juicy burger. 

But there I went for their homemade lemonade with my burger, I think it was in between time for a Mojitos … around 4pm.

Then it was a couple more Mojitos the following day at Laguna Smaku – still tasting the best. 

In the evening we enjoyed the best Mojito ever (I think) at the fabulous “Seafood Station” – It was superb!!! The full dining adventure at “Seafood Station” became the most expensive one during our stay, not because of the Mojitos – their fantastic fish … but I will come back to that later. 

Those Mojitos also became our last. Because our last evening we dined with my Polish friend, Magdalena and she had her 4-year-old daughter Nina with her and we didn’t want to drag out the dinner too long for the young lady.

One thing is for sure … that Sopot does Mojitos of world class. I wouldn’t mind one just now.

A really good reason to go back to Sopot in a near future. They are only 55 minutes away with WizzAir.

“When life gives you
make lemonade
When life gives you
make Mojitos”

10 thoughts on “mojitos and more mojitos

  1. My heart is in Havana, Um-ma-ma… 🙂 🙂 Just popping in to say thanks for the postcard. I once had a very nice Polish haircut too 🙂 Never been to Mojacar but I expect it might be quite laid back? No time this week, Vivi. The sold sign is up on the house and it’s a frenzy of doing/sorting!

    • Is the house sold???!! Congratulations, how I know where find you. So happy for you two, that you can make your dream come true. Regarding Mojacar I think it’s quite busy and very pretty. Never been, so I’m excited to see my friends and the area they live in.

      • Sold subject to survey but we don’t have a completion date yet. Anything could happen but it’s a mad frenzy of sorting because we leave for Tavira 30th September. Back 9th November, hopefully to clean and tie up last bits. 🙂 Mojacar does look pretty. Won’t have much time on here so take care! Sunday hugs xxx

      • Take it easy, Jo …. Rome wasn’t built on one day. Take a deep breath and have a lovely time in Portugal, envy!!!! Everything will be sorted in time. Will be thinking of you guys, Big sunny hug.

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