cee’s fun foto challenge – red (my favorite)

“The camera sees more than the eye,
so why not make use of it?”
Edward Weston

“Always dress like you’re going
to see your worst enemy.”
Kimora Lee Simmons

Evening gowns in a Kosovo bridal shop – Vushtrri (Kosovo) July 2016

“Never be afraid to be a poppy
in a field of daffodils.”
Michaela DePrince

My favourite summer flower at a building site –  Landskrona July 2017

“Marriage is like a fortress besieged.
Those who are outside want to get in,
and those who are inside want to get out.”
Japanese proverb

The red umbrella is very symbolic of Japanese weddings, Yoyogi Park in Tokyo – April 2015

“Every woman should own
a pair of red high heels”
Viveka Gustavson

My absolute favourites – in my wardrobe Landskrona 2014

“There are two types of fishermen:
those who fish for sport
and those who fish for fish.”

Fishermen flags – Borstahusen, March 2014

“Some people can’t see the color red.
That doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”
Sue Grafton

Beautiful red boxes at a Hollywood Road Market – Hong Kong, March 2015

“The red carpet can hide more than just blood stains.”
 Anthony T. Hincks

The red stair carpet at The Albertina Museum, Vienna – August 2014


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red




24 thoughts on “cee’s fun foto challenge – red (my favorite)

  1. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    I thought I recognized the red carpet 😉
    Red is truly a beautiful color. And I agree with you, that every woman should have a pair of red heels. Although I have to admit that mine are not very high and more like 3-5cm hehehe.
    Hope you are well?!
    Many hugs xoxoxox 🙂

    • I think I have seen your image of the same carpet a while back. *smile 3-5 cm is okay for being a member in my club. *smile … Thanks for asking, I’m very well … after my week in Sopot and Gdansk. Hope you’re doing well too.
      Have been thinking a lot about you and your work situation, hope it solved in a good way for you. Loads …. Wivi

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