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For my first evening in Berlin, I didn’t want to dine too far from my hotel, only a couple of minutes walk.

I did my search with different websites and google map. And my choice fell on “GRACE”, located 3 minutes walk away on Kurfürstendamm 25 … just up the street and to the left.


What I didn’t know was that it’s the restaurant at the design and lush hotel  “Hotel ZOO Berlin” – not even their website tells you that. I booked my table through their website.

©Grace FB

So when I did a short stroll between the raindrops in the afternoon trying to locate the restaurant I couldn’t see it anywhere … but when I notice Hotel Zoo’s location I got it.

Normally I never chose restaurants located in hotels so I wasn’t really sure if I was going to keep my booking or cancel, but it was only a couple of hours left until my 8pm booking … so I decided to keep it as it was and I’m so happy I did. I had a fantastic dining experience.

©Grace FB

GRACE Restaurant & Bar
Kurfürstendamm 25
10719 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 88437750
Fusion cuisine
Executive chef: Chef Martin Bruhn

© Grace FB

The restaurant is so lush in colours, materials and decor. Very art decor. It was fantastic to just sit there and soak in the beautiful surroundings.

@Grace FB

“The perfect balance between stunning interior design, a casual yet glamorous vibe” (as they on their website – couldn’t put it better myself)!!!!

What I understand are their bartenders are Super MASTERS on cocktails.  I think that GRACE would be had been very popular with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, even Mr Big.

©Grace FB

Reading the reviews about the restaurants they were very split and there was quite a lot of negative review about the standard of the service which really surprised me because I had fantastic service from the moment I arrived and until I left 3 hours later.

©Hotel Zoo

The restaurant was quite busy when I arrived and a couple hours later nearly all the tables were taken and the most guests were coming from outside the hotel and it was during the holiday season. The guests were in all age groups. Still, I think I was the veteran. 

I got lovely tables next to me … the table on my right side: 4 lovely Greece ladies – one of them living in Berlin and my right side I had a family of 4. All living in Berlin. Mother and father dining with their youngest son and his extremely beautiful young fiance (she was a stunningly beautiful young woman). A family in real estate. They told me “GRACE” is their favourite restaurant in Berlin and normally it’s a lot busier???!!!

My dining experience for the evening:

Wasabi, Ginger &  Ponzu

Green beans & pomegranate

Choya-Sorbet, Zitrone & Jaipur

And my side order was the most delicious Wing beans and coconut, to die for …. REALLY!!!

Unfortunately, the lighting in the restaurant wasn’t good enough for Oscar. Not able to edit one of the images … far too dark, which is a pity. I really like to have good lighting when I eat. Plus there are nearly no images to be found online of their dishes. The food images I found are all from GRACE’s Facebook profile and the hotel’s website, where I manage to find my lamb dish and dessert.

©Grace FB

I enjoyed my dinner with first a vodka & tonic, of course, a glass of white for my starter tuna followed by a rich red with my lamb and a dessert without a cappuccino is unthinkable for me. I was a bit surprised that I wasn’t offered to taste the wines before filling up the glass, even if I ordered by the glass. A small minus.

©Grace FB

My starter was served with chopsticks … a good while since I use such, it was in Japan 2015. The tuna was delicious, 5 pieces! The Wasabi was just perfect, too many spoils the delicate flavour of the raw tuna. The tuna was set on the crispy rice. Never had crispy rice before. A great start.

©Grace FB

The lamb, without a doubt one for the best lamb dish I had so far … and I have enjoyed many in my days. Maybe I could have been without the pomegranate (not a big fan), but it didn’t spoil the experience or the dish. The lamb was cooked to perfection and the Tika Marsala flavour was heavenly. I’m not a lover of Indian food, but I like Tika Marsala. This dish took the lamb to a new level for me.

©Grace FB

My dessert … one step closer to heaven. It seems to be their signature dessert … and I totally understand why.


The restaurant has lovely terraces on both sides of the dining room, I would have loved to enjoy my dinner out there …. it was a wet evening. Plus a VERY popular rooftop bar. Wasn’t enough inviting for me to check out, because of the weather.


The damage for my exceptional evening came to €115/£105/$135/1217SEK plus tip and I didn’t mind to hand over my little red credit card.

There was another minus, very annoying in my book!!  The lesser guests in the dinning room at the end of the evening … the higher the background music became, it was really painful high when I left. There was no music during my dining, which was PERFECT!!!


I highly recommend this restaurant because of it’s lush interior, fantastic service, even if so many reviews say differently and their chefs decidedly know what they are doing.

“Your body is not a temple,
it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.”
Anthony Bourdain



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