assistance suicide (euthanasia) … do I dare to talk about it???!!!

I was 25 years old when my mum told me about that she had joined a Swedish origination to have the right to say when enough is enough, but still it is not possible here in Sweden. But passive euthanasia was deemed legal after a landmark court ruling in 2010. This means a health care professional can legally cease life support upon request from a patient if they understand the consequences stated by their health care provider.


I never had any problems with her wishes and decisions, if she got help or did on her own … so long as she thought about those that will find her.

She was very clear on that she didn’t want to be kept alive with machines.

She explained her wish and what it meant if it ever came to. Now my mum just gave up on her life on a Thursday and 4 days later she was dead.  So she never needed the sleeping pills she had saved in an empty specie jar, that I found when I cleared out her home.

© American Nurse Today

Why I want to bring it up now .. is that my disease is slowing creeps up my legs … and nobody can tell me where it will stop. I’m diagnosed with Polyneuropathy and I’m getting 70 in 10 days time.

Where will I be in 10-15 years time, it worries me and I have to start doing arrangements. Don’t worry nothing that is going happened in a near future. But the day may come when I have to book that the finale flight. I promise there will be a lot more flights booked before then. *laughing

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If I had been a beloved pet, I probably already been sent to that better place that we all want to end up at.

I’m a strong believer that we should have the same right to die as we have to live. It’s my life and it’s my death.


So the other day I asked 2 of my closest girlfriends if they will join me for that last journey and both said yes without hesitation. I promise them that we will have fantastic couple of days in Zurich and many Mojios .. before that last shot.

I have looked into where I could get help if I want to go down that road. Swizz and Germany seams to be the only country that help none residence. Canada, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg I have to be resident.


So Swizz it’s!!!

A couple of years ago saw a fantastic BBC film: A Short Stay in Switzerland (2009) with Julie Walters, Stephen Campbell Moore and Lyndsey Marshal. A wonderful film about a woman travelling to Zurich with her children to end her life. She is diagnosed with a fatal neurological condition. The film is based on a true story.

The only thing I missed from the film was about what happens after her death … the cremation or what ever way she wanted to go back to UK. If she went back??!!!.

I had a fantastic life … even if I never got married or had any children … my life has been filled with joy, mojiotos and vodka & tonic,  pain, mad passion and gentle love,  great wines, shoes, love, togetherness, laughter, good and bad hotels, excellent food, tears, despair, travel, hard work, bad jokes, destinations, pills and fantastic friendships with people all over the world.  I made fantastic friends at here in Sweden and where ever I lived and visit all over the world.

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I haven’t had any terrible experience more than more and more of my friends are fighting cancer today … and I have lost far too many already. I made it through my own cancer journey without any mayor problems .. and now I have to live with the side affect and I do my best.

Polyneuropathy isn’t one of them, even if the chemo treatment made it slightly worst.

I’m a believer … but I believe in people that make a difference to others and give help to vulnerable all over the world TODAY and NOW!!! I don’t believe in a religion … or some higher powers. Maybe I will be proven wrong one day. I respect all religions and I can live with them side by side, but don’t enforce any them on me. We are all happy in our believes and so it should be.

DIGNITAS is the most well-known. The Swizz organisation has been going since 1988 that now is also founded in Germany (2005) that help people to die with respect and dignity when they make that choice.  Today, these two associations count over 7100 members in 69 different countries. Both associations are members of the World Federation of Right-to-Die Societies WFRtDS and Right to Die Europe RtDE.

As they say on their website: “We are the spearhead for the worldwide implementation of ‘the last human right’

In order to access the service of an accompanied suicide, someone has to:

  • be a member of DIGNITAS, and
  • be of sound judgement, and
  • possess a minimum level of physical mobility (sufficient to self-administer the drug).

Because the co-operation of a Swiss medical doctor (physician) is absolutely vital in obtaining the required drug, further prerequisites mean that the person must have:

  • a disease which will lead to death (terminal illness), and/or
  • an unendurable incapacitating disability, and/or
  • unbearable and uncontrollable pain.

I don’t even know if I recognized for getting any help. 

EXIT is another Swizz organisation that was founded in 1982.

Exit has 110,391 members in German-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino, and 26,205 members in French-speaking Switzerland. 734 people ended their lives using Exit’s services in 2017, compared to 723 the year before.

© Newcastle Herald

I don’t want to upset my friends and dear ones …. I don’t want to upset you with different opinions or believes. I just want to talk about where I stand.

“To live with dignity – to die with dignity”

32 thoughts on “assistance suicide (euthanasia) … do I dare to talk about it???!!!

  1. Viveka–I am so glad to read this. My family already knows not to keep me alive….just to keep me alive. Machine? No. Drugs? No. When I am only alive and no longer living, let me go. I have signed the papers and they understand. This is a topic that makes people squirm. Thank you for presenting it so succinctly. Much love to you.

    • Loisa, you said it – a squirmy topic and I don’t really want to make anyone upset … I just needed to talk about it because it’s on my mind during my “bad days”.
      Thank you so much for supporting my post, I don’t know if it makes any sense. *smile
      I’m so glad that you have talked to your family … so they know what your wish is when you maybe can make it yourself. Well done, it makes it so much easier in their grief too. It helped me a lot knowing when my mum died.

  2. Love this. When the time comes it should be your choice.

    On Sun, Aug 26, 2018 at 11:49 AM myguiltypleasures wrote:

    > viveka posted: ” I was 25 years old when my mum told me about that she had > joined a Swedish origination to have the right to say when enough is > enough, but still it is not possible here in Sweden. But passive euthanasia > was deemed legal after a landmark court ruling i” >

  3. Honey, it’s hard when you’re on your own. Nobody to make the decision but you, and I respect your right to do so. Tonight I was at a ceilidh, laughing and dancing with a friend who was 70 this week. My turn soon. My problems, so far, are more mental than physical. I hope that you still have happy years ahead, Vivi, and I hope that we get to meet again. Last time was too brief. None of us can choose our paths. I’m so glad that ours crossed. 🙂 🙂 Hugs, darlin!

    • Jo, in all honesty I don’t it’s more difficult because I’m on my own … I really think it’s easier. Because sometimes it’s hard for our loved ones to understand, because they want us around so long as possible. After all it has to be our own decision.
      This maybe never comes to this …. but if !!
      I totally agree that we have to meet again. I have that trip to Faro in the back of my head all the time, we only have to make it happen.
      Norwegian fly direct from from Copenhagen. I have found the perfect B&B to stay, it’s only dates we have to get together. 2019 – we you again!!! MondayHug

      • Thanks sweetheart! A glorious morning here and we were set to go walking but Mick has gout and James arrived unexpectedly last night. Life! 😃😃😃 xx

      • Here we have a wet day …. and I’m going to the Police for a new ID-card, lost my old. So a photo-shoot after lunch.! They take it at the police station. Still enjoy your glorious day without walk.

  4. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    what a post! I feel the same way you do. I don’t want to live on machines or with drugs, just in order to be alive. What kind of life is that?!
    I’ve signed the papers long ago and told everyone what I want (even where my ashes should go) and what not.
    Nevertheless I do hope that you will be around for a very long time, my friend!
    Many hugs xoxoxo 🙂

    • Dia, it took me far long time to get my will all done, the rosebush is in there *smile … but I forgotten this part, so I have to do an add on.
      I think it’s fantastic that you have made up your mind …. and that you have told your beloved how you want things to be, because we never know what will happen later in the week, and accident and everything can change and maybe they need to make that dreadful decision for you. Fantastic.
      Don’t worry … I will be around for years to come, I will still have to book flights for Vienna.
      The thing is that we all are going to die .. we can’t escape it … it only for us to decide how when the time comes.
      HaveAGreatWeekHug ….

  5. This is a courageous post Viveka. I applaud you. Truthfully, I don’t know how I feel about this for ‘me’. But I don’t believe I have the right to tell anyone else how to feel. I would support any of my friends in this situation.

    • Thank you so much, Colleen … I think that this is something we don’t reflex on so long as we are considered healthy, but we really should .. because an accident can happens tomorrow and then we leave everything into the hands of our beloved. I didn’t do my will until 6 months ago!!!!!
      I have plans to stay around for a lot more Mojitos … and shoes. *laughter

  6. Best Viveca I love you for all your qualities and I admire you for your courage and strength. Many in your situation would not even dare to mention the word to die. Millions of hugs from me to you.

    • Maja, it’s something we can’t escape … it’s a part of our life and I think it’s so important that we plan for that too. Thanks for your warming words … but one day we have to remove that “drip” from the arm with some assistance. HugHugHug.

    • Sue, I thought about you when I wrote my post and wonder if you had the same thoughts or not???!! I only got my will done earlier this year, far too late … all the instruction for how I want things after my death … but totally forgotten this bit. How I want to finish my days if so needed. I’m not a member yet, I want to see how bad things get first. I guess I will live so long as all the other women in my family and become 90. *smile

  7. What a post filled with such honesty and thank you for saying it like it is. I share the same sentiments as you, that we all have the right to live and move on. Religion, don’t believe in that either. You made a choice to live life not only to your fullest, but on your own terms and experiencing what you want to experience. So many people seem to say that getting hitched and kids and having a large circle of family and friends is the best way to do life…which I think is not for everyone and good on you for living the life you have always wanted to live.

    Been a long time follower of your blog, travels and cooking. Each post is so well put together, informative with thoughtful photos taken by yourself. Your itineraries are quite something – you always make it work. It would be lovely to meet you but our paths may never cross (as Jo said, this is not our choice). But I hope when the time comes, you will leave this blog up for all of us 😊

    • Mabel, thank you so much for your lovely words about “my work” and me. My heart is melting. You’re such lovely soul and heart *smile Mabel, I would love to make our path cross. We have to add it to our wishlist. *smile
      … don’t worry I have no plans to leave yet. Still, I can move, see, taste and hear and feel. But I have to get my things in order because I don’t have any family left. And I don’t want to leave it up to others to make that final decision.
      We have to make our choices in life and we can’t have everything … and because having it all, doesn’t guarantee happiness. So I settled for what made my life good and I also want to settle for my departure.
      Mabel, I think the blog maybe will be my saver when my feet/leg doesn’t allow me to travel, so don’t worry I will be here. A big heart thank you for your always so kind support.

      • I think you’re the one with that lovely soul and heart, not afraid of speaking up and sharing, Vivi. Really don’t know if our paths will cross…maybe at the very least in our dreams and I would be so pleased 🙂

        You are such a planner, and that is such a good trait to have. I thought I was organised, but you give me a run for my money 😀

        Good to hear you will be blogging as long as possible. Hope to see the blog still here and well into the future when the time comes for you 🙂

      • We did a course many years ago at my work … and we had fill in a form, quite a few pages … about ourselves and how we saw ourselves as managers. I was very much spot on … I know myself very, very well … the lady that held the course said that I probably was the best communicator she ever comes across … and also that I was an extremely caring person. You have got me right on, very very organized but that is something I learned in my job, have an eye for details – checking the stock levels on everything in an instance.
        Maybe one day you will visit Europe and we can meet up anywhere. I really hope so.

      • That is amazing to hear you come across as a great communicator and caring. I’m sure many do find you that way and that’s when across your travels, you have so many friends 🙂 Hopefully I make it to Europe at some stage. If I do will let you know 🙂

  8. A tough subject Viveka but you’ve tackled it thoughtfully and sensitively. You’re right that we make our own choices in life and should be able to have the same choices about the way we leave it. I hope we have more adventures together before that day comes for either of us 🙂

    • Thank you for your support … I feel good about my post .. to dare to bring it up. Promise you there will be loads of adventures … before the finale stop, for us both … and together. *smile

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