it’s tough to be a tour leader …. (day 1)

but also a very fun and joyful pleasure. 

My blogging sister and dear friend… Suzanne@Travelbunny aka Mrs Jones was over visiting my corner of the world – and I had to drag her around … and introduce to what I thought she would love and enjoy. It gave us 3 very intense days in sunshine, rain and wind … plus crying feet on my account and they hadn’t been dancing.

probably the poshest public toilet in the world

She arrived from Gatwick just before lunch, so it was already a bit late for lunch … after that, she had checked in at her 4* star hotel, Elite Hotel Marina Plaza right on the quayside in Helsingborg. It takes about 60 min by train from Copenhagen airport, Kastrup to Helsingborg.

It was my choice that she should be staying in Helsingborg instead of Malmoe because in Helsingborg do you have the sea just on your doorstep in the city centre … with a fantastic marina and a wonderful seaside promenade. You literally step off the train straight on to the quayside. 

We were lucky … no rain the first day, but windy. We haven’t had rain since the middle of May and of course when Mrs Jones arrived the rain arrived too.

I wanted to interduce her to pan-fried fresh herring with new potatoes for lunch, but all the restaurants we passed the lunch was over …. so I went for the second best – a big prawn sandwich. The Swedish prawn (hand peeled) sandwiches are probably the best prawn sandwich in the world … and I just had to introduce Suzanne to probably the best mineral water in the world … Ramlösa, the spring is just outside Helsingborg – but today owned by Carlsberg. 

We sat in shelter from the wind at the Cafe Helsingborgs Marina and Shop in the fantastic sunshine and enjoyed the marina view and all the ferries coming and going with destination Elsinore, Denmark. A lovely place with food and a nice nautic shop (nautic clothing ( Henri Lloyd) both ladies & male, shoes, home decor and gifts). And lovely staff.

Don’t have a clue for how long we sat there, but after that, we carried on walking the promenade until it became a bit too windy (no shelter).

It was around 6pm when we sat down to watch the brave that was taking a dip in the wind and cold water, young love … and the cruise liners that always start passing every evening during the spring and summer on their way to Gothenburg and the Norwegian fjords. The busy small ferries have to give the way for the big cruisers. A bit different in size. 

We got a brilliant start on our days together … and we both had a very early bedtime that evening … and an early start the following day. 

“Even a poor tour guide is entitled to some happiness.”
Jacob M. Appel

17 thoughts on “it’s tough to be a tour leader …. (day 1)

    • Thank you so much … for you faithful support. Not very often I get the chance … I love to show off my county and my country. *smile I hope I will have a chance to be tour leader for you too one day.

    • Thank you so much, Jo! My poor feet has a hard time all the time those days … but it’s what it’s … and so long I can manage to walk properly, it’s okay.

  1. Please, can you explain the toilet picture? Why does it say Zahod? Which country is that?? Zahod means toilet in Bosnian and possibly also Serbian and Croatian. The fun part is that in Slovenian it means west. Ljubljana Zahod would be Western Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia), whereas to the visitors from the south it would mean the toilet of Ljubljana. 😀

    • I don’t know why it says Zahod, I’m sure it means toilet in some language out there. It says toilet on many languages on the shiny cubic – I only don’t know half of them. We have loads of people from Bosnian living and visiting Sweden … so that could be it. I’m sure it says toilet on Servian too – it has four sides. Sorry, can’t help you.

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