on dry land ….

It’s not only the wildfires that are a massive problem for Sweden just now … the farmers are on their knees too. Nothing is growing … the meadows are so dry, they are suffering f to find the feed to their cattle .. and that affects milk supplies … and they have to do unwanted slaughters.

We are up for a tough recovery because this will affects the prices of our most important products later on in the year.


Today another day of +32C/+87F!!!! And the rain … maybe today???!!!! some in the middle part of Sweden (great for the wildfires), but here in the South – NONE in sight.

It’s such a draught now that we aren’t allowed to hold BBQ in our backyards and gardens. A national warning for the whole country this morning.

I’m feeding the small birds on my balcony (no suppose to do that during the summer because they should find food on their own this time of year, wonder where???!!!) … and made sure that they have water…. and they are eating a lot!!!! My balcony is the most popular balcony in the neighbourhood.

“Life is more precious than gold,
but not as precious as freshwater.”
Anthony T. Hincks

12 thoughts on “on dry land ….

    • Thank you so much … I really hope so too, but as it looks today the weeks is going to hot and dry. The wildfires are getting under the control now, thank god. An amazing job they have done.

    • Yes, tough for many countries now .. with this ongoing heat. I really hope there will be some rain for the middle part of Sweden … so the fires will be extinguished.

  1. And they global warming isn’t happening. The States too are having major weather problems, in their case too much rain on the east coast with lots of flooding. Fires in the west and tornadoes down the middle. Here in Ontario we haven’t had much rain either, but some. I hope it rains in Sweden soon.

    • Jo, I hope so too … US has the most horrible weather conditions … and all on the same time and every year. I have always wonder how people can pick up themselves, their homes and lives time after time … and the next year the same story again.
      We are not used to conditions like this … we had one really bad wildfire last year, but this year it’s terrible. It’s everywhere.
      Made we should do some rain dancing …
      Maybe it’s payback time … from Mother Earth.

  2. I know what you’re going through. We’ve had no rain for a month and 90+ degree weather. There’s no rain in sight here and it’s supposed to be in the upper 90’s to low 100’s for the next week. We’ve had several wildfires around us and smoke in the air. I hope things improve there soon.

    • I really hope so … for all of us. 100???!!! That is hot. Poor nature and Mother Earth. I have seen the wildfires you have over in US, – nothing like ours. Your’s are blustering, but still the damage it does … and all the poor animals and birds.
      Now Greece has wildfires too and already 50 people death.

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