a red hot sweden …

“Heroism often results as a response to extreme events.”
James Geary

… this is the situation today in Sweden – about 50 fires are ravaging.

  • Five water bomb aircraft – three from France, two from Italy.
  • Six fire helicopters – five from Germany, one from Lithuania.
  • Firemen and fire trucks – 44 vehicles and 139 firemen from Poland, 12 vehicles and 55 firemen from Denmark.
  • German fire trucks and about 50 firemen have arrived.


The fires has been ravaged for over a week now.  We are so lucky that so far nobody has been injured.


For over a week has our own guys work day and night with only a couple of hours rests … the fire bridges, the military and the national home guard.


And civilians have made sure that they have been feed and got plenty of water. People have cancelled their holiday to able to give aid to all those that are fighting against the fire and in the smoke.

Talk about heroes – all of them … all over Sweden. 

When the 44 fire trucks and 139 firemen from Poland was driving up through Sweden they were greeted as heroes. People cheering and applauding along the way. They are now going to release our Swedish heroes … so they can get a good rest.


For over 2,5 months we haven’t had any rain, only for about 1 hour here and there. This week the temperatures are going up to +32C/+89F and no rain in sight.

Here down in the South we are happy no big fires so far. I’m sure there have been some small ones … but none serious.


Sweden’s Forest Agency estimates that some 600 million kronor ($68 million/€6.6million) worth of forest has burned or been damaged by the fires, as of July 19.

©Natalia Dabrowski

Thank you so much … everybody for the fantastic job you all are doing, Swedish or foreign …
to all the civilians that doing their best to support and be a release for the hard working fire workers.
AN AMAZING job!!!!

26 thoughts on “a red hot sweden …

    • Yes, it has been even more … but it seams like they have most of them under control even if they are not out yet.
      We haven’t had a day with temperature under +25C since the middle of May.
      For 10 days now have they been working day and night.
      Then we have the farmers that are suffering to with their harvest and they have to slaughter their cattle because there is no food and greenery anymore.
      We are in a terrible state just now. And that Trump-Man dosen’t believe in global warming.

  1. It’s horrendous, isn’t it? Quite an unreal situation. It’s much cooler here on the coast though even here we’ve had some high temperatures. The firemen and volunteers have certainly had their work cut out this year, Vivi!
    How are you- still suffering? Thanks for the Berlin postcard, darlin. I’d forgotten you were going so it was a nice surprise 🙂 🙂

    • Jo, we are really suffering … our and our farmland is so important for our existence … and both are really on their knees. Farmers are also suffering. No rain for 2,5 months. No grass for the cattle to eat anymore.
      Just so terrible and scary.
      Glad that you have got your card … was a bit worried, because nobody has come back to me … about receiving them. Thought the Post was in chaos too, they are most of the time. *smile

  2. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    I hate these kind of fires. I remember one in Germany when I was a kid. We spent our holiday in the woods and they were on fire. Horrible. Everybody was helping out. Since then I’m afraid of big fires. And I’m grateful for every single person who goes out there and helps!
    All the best to everybody in Sweden! Hope the fires are out very soon.
    Would love to send you some rain…
    Duvet hugs xoxoxo 🙂

    • Dia, in all this we are lucky that none has been injured and they are getting control over the big fires one by one .. and some has been handed over to the land owners now. The news that 50 people in Greece have lost their lives in a wildfire, so upsetting. Here in Sweden, they have decided to not to use extinguishing chemicals because they don’t want to poison the drinking (ground) water. My thoughts go to Greece this morning. Yes, send us RAIN!!!!!!!!! Thank you.
      Morning hug.

    • Yes, this morning we got the news that over 50 people are dead in wildfires in Greece. In all the drama and tragic … are we lucky, because nobody has been injured so far. We are now not allowed to hold BBQ in our own backyard, so high is the risk of fire.

    • Manja, thank you so much … even if there is a lot of wildfires, we are so lucky that nobody has gone injured and I hope it will stay that way. My thoughts goes out to Greece again.

  3. Fires are raging all over the world. On the west coast of Canada and in the northern part of our province forest fires are out of control. Luckily the ones here are not close to populated areas. Hopefully the fires in Sweden will be brought under control soon.

    • Carol, the world is really on fire this summer … I feels so for the people that has work in this heat and then deal with smoke and fire … amazing job they do. Greece is terrible .. 75 dead over only a couple of days. Thank you so much for your support. I think they in overall have things under control, but now the wind start to blow up … so a couple of fires started to travel last evening – so the water bombing planes had to return. We are getting more planes from Portugal today. We are so lucky that nobody has been injured.

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