an impulse … and tomorrow I taking off

‘Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.’
David Bowie

Berlin has been one of my top European cities since 2011 … when I visited for the first time, since then I been back for more 3 times … and tomorrow will be my 4th.

The city is so much of everything … and there is a Berlin for everybody … every budget … every intrest … and taste … and age. Vibrant, friendly and welcoming.

It wasn’t in my plans to visit Berlin this year … it was all down to that BBC documentary with the handsome opera singer, Jonas Kaufmann that I saw earlier this year. I just got the urge … I have to enjoy him alive NOW!!!! So soon as possible. I was in infatuated … his voice … his personality … and HIS LOOKS!!! *laughing

©his facebook profile

And the soonest I could get a seat was Friday 13th in Berlin at their beautiful Waldbühne amphitheatre. I bought the ticket 2 days after I seen the documentary and in a hour I had booked hotel and flight. My gift to myself for making it to 70 this year. It took a bit of my lost account.

My biggest worry has been the weather because of it being an open air concert … saw on TV when Berlin Philharmonic a couple of years ago there (they play every summer) and the rain was pouring down.


I don’t have to worry this year, because Berlin is going to be warm. Around +23-28C/+74-82F every day. Glad that the concert is in the evening, so it will not be so warm. Tomorrow on arrival is it going to rain, I need rain!!!!! But not on Friday.

Have booked some new exciting restaurants and I’m going to return to my every time favorite, Café-Restaurant Wintergarten at the Literaturhaus: great food that can be enjoyed in a garden so green and so full of flowers, or on the terrace … a hidden gem of Kurfürstendamm on Fasanenstraße 23.


I have book a visit to Reichstag dome, something I wanted to do the last 2 visit, but never pre-registered before I left home and the German’s prefer that and it means also that I will pass the line-ups (at least I hope so).

On Saturday afternoon I’m going on an organized tour to the abandoned NSA Listening Station at Teufelsberg “The Devils Hill” out in Grünewald,  – a man-made hill, a a former US signaling base, abandoned around 1991. At Teufelsberg, spies listened to radio traffic inside giant golf balls. Today everything has been transformed into canvas for Berlin Graffiti artists.

©nicole von trigoburg/Flickr

Have been advised to not to visit alone, because of the safety aspect … not that it’s dangerous as such, but it’s old buildings and not looked after so things can fall down. What I understand is the observatory closed. And it about 20 min walk (uphill) from the car park.

I have plans to shop a little (tiny shopping list) at Primark and TK Maxx … shops we don’t have here in Sweden and of course make a visit to Rossman, the big drugstore chain  … C&A and Peek & Cloppenburg, fashion (just for the looking). *smile 

My return flight on Monday is not until 19.20pm … so I have time for a art museum visit, haven’t decided which. Have a couple to choose from not too far from the hotel.

The hotel is located just a few minutes walk from the Kurfürstendamm U-bahn station, so Berlin is literally at my feet. 

Packed this morning … my problems isn’t what to pack to wear … my problem is what does my feet want to suffer in.

Ich bin bereit!! Berlin … hier komme ich !!!

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