finally i found him!!!

“I’m here every day
except on rainy days”
Grand So

蘇五雲 (Grand So) is his name.


When I visit Hong Kong in March 2015 … I met a fantastic artist (painter) on Hollywood Road … he was sitting on pavement painting in old traditional way with ink on rice paper. I asked him I could buy the painting he was working on …. no problem, come back in 40 min. There was other painting hanging on wooden boards along a shop walls, my friend Nancy bought a beautiful one with poppies.

All the paintings on display was hanging vertical, but I told him I want mine horizontal. No problem for the artist.

We went for lunch and after lunch I went back to him … and the painting was finished. He had also did a dedication to me on the painting in Chinese.


I asked him if he had a gallery or studio and he answered me that the street was his studio. He paints in oil too.

Later that afternoon I had a rendezvous with Michael@retireediary  at the Star Ferry Pier and I showed him the painting. He told me what the dedication said, but I have forgotten and he also told me that Grand So is a famous artist, Micheal had read an articles about him.


Grand So was a graduate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a degree in Graphic Arts, Design and Advertising. Grand was born in Hong Kong and was a natural in water-color and sculpture from his early days. In addition to water-colours and oil painting, Grand also took to sculpture – wood carving & engraving, clay modelling and body from sculpting as self-taught principles.


Among his many achievements, Grand So has received more than 400 awards, citations and prizes from Americas, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, China …Grand So’s collected works have also been exhibited at the Beijing Print Museum Exhibition. His work also appeared in the “Japan Annual” and has been invited to numerous design competitions and exhibitions in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Americas, Germany, France and Italy…


I had my painting lay wrapped in Chinese newspaper paper since the day I bought it …. and about a month ago I decided to frame it and finally hang it up.

So now it’s up – hanging in my bedroom … but I don’t have a clue if I have hanged it right .. because I don’t understand Chinese letters (signs). But the lady in the frame shop and I compared to the signs with the ones that was in the newspaper it was wrapped in. Hopefully we got it right.


Magnificent art … and a very humble artist.

Journey of Life 2013 – Locate at The Basement of The Centre, Central, Hong Kong

This is only piece of  a massive painting that is bigger than a bus. *smile

It doesn’t look like he has any exhibitions going on this year, but he has been very busy … through the years.


The thing was that I got his business card and I promised to come back to him when it was on my wall … and I have been searching everywhere for that business card and I have been on Google trying to find him, but I didn’t remembered his name. I have looked for his business card for about a year now. I knew I put it somewhere so I could easily find it and I have been looking at it daily for 3 years. I blame the age!!!!!!!?????

©Time Out Mag HK

So yesterday when I cleared my fridge and freezer from notes and notices … and moved all my magnets over to a board, I found it!!!

Now I will send him the link of this post, it only took 3 years, but I got there. So happy that I will be able to follow him now … and be able to contact him.


And with me returning to Hong Kong in March-April next year … of course I will go and visit him in his open-air studio on Hollywood Road … I will be staying in the area. I’m planning to buy a painting to hang vertical, a motive in red or blue. I’m sure I can place an order. *smile

If I hadn’t framed it would I have taking the painting back and ask him to add one red fish to … in with all the black ones. When I came to the frame shop … I knew that that red fish had made it even more special and interesting. I know Mr Grand So will agree with me. *smile


I paid 500HK$/€54/£48/$64/560SEK for my painting, but for me it’s priceless.

Mobilegrandarts Gallery
94 Hollywood Road,
Central Hong Kong.

Tel: 6085-2134

WhatsApp: 9831-0681
Open daily from 10AM-5PM

Looking forward to meet him again.

Now is Mr Grand So’s painting the first and last thing I see … nearly everyday (when I sleep in my own bed)!

“To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art.”
(Chinese Proverb)

 I can’t be sure …. but this soundtrack is about a “Big Fish” … at least what Google Translator tells me. I don’t know even if it’s sang in Chinese, but I like the tune … because it’s not sad. Most Chinese songs I have come across is very sad.




5 thoughts on “finally i found him!!!

    • Yes, an amazing artist … I don’t know how many hours I spent on Google trying to find him … and the card was just sitting there. But it was meant to happen now when the painting is up. *smile

  1. How great you found him again! The card that is – but that means you can find the real thing again. Beautiful shots and interesting art!

    • Yes, very interesting art and so many different styles he paint in. At least I don’t have to wait until April next year to contact him. We are staying at Holiday Inn Hollywood Road, a couple of minutes walk to his studio. And he are such nice man.

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