a great start of the day – ginger and lemon shot

I’m not at all a healthy eater, I eat what I fancy. And that means a McDonald burger … now and then, but I also have the figure for it! *smile

But I have bought expensive tablets with ginger from over a year now … and I didn’t really feel any effect. 

Lately, I have seen that some supermarkets and cafes sell ginger shots … and my first thought was that can’t be difficult to make.

So for the last month have I been taken every morning before breakfast a shot; ginger and lemon, spiced with a tiny amount of chilli. And it’s a really boosts for the body, 6cl = 2oz.

Best of all I have done it myself, so easy to make and it will hold 1 month in the fridge.


Ginger, lemon and chilli shot.

200 g (7 oz) fresh ginger, peel or unpeeled – coarsely grated
1 litre (2 pints)  of water
1 dl (34 oz)  honey
2 lemons, juice
1 pinch of red chilli, coarsely chopped (can be excluded) – I used frozen – very good for the combustion.

  1. You can grate the ginger unpeeled or peeled (I peel mine)
  2. Warm up the water to 60C/140F – and remove the pot from the heat and add the ginger plus the chilli. It’s very important that the ginger doesn’t reach a higher temperature than 60C/140F because it loses some of its goodness
  3. Let it stand until it reached 40C/104F (about 20 min) – then strain the ginger away and add stir in the honey.
  4. Put the juice to the side and let it cool down in ambience temperature.
  5. When cold add the lemon juice and strain again, using a tea strainer.
  6. Bottle it.

Don’t worry that the juice looks so dark when the lemon juice is added and it has been refrigerated overnight, the nice slightly yellow colour appears.

Few foods are as health-intensive as ginger. The herb is full of antioxidants and seems anti-inflammatory, a perfect combination to prevent colds. In addition, it is kind to the stomach. Combining the ginger with lemon and chilli gives you a real health boost that increases blood flow and, in addition, boosts digestion. According to a Columbia University study, you burn 43 more calories if you add a teaspoon of ginger in the morning juice. A GREAT start of the day!

I drink to separate my body from my soul.”
Oscar Wilde

13 thoughts on “a great start of the day – ginger and lemon shot

  1. Interesting how you do it. A doctor told my parents about ginger first, years ago, and now they always have this freshly prepared mixture in the fridge, or at least in the months of transition: grated ginger, acacia honey (the doctor was specific about acacia!) and lime juice (instead of lemon). Without heating and without chilli though. They are very pleased with it. Must be something about it… I love your first paragraph too!

    • Manja, my friend’s landlady has been preaching about that she has taken a ginger shot every morning for years. I understand what she means … I will try limes next time. I quite like that little heat that comes in the back of the throat from the chilli, I use very little. The original recipe recommends a whole one, I’m not that brave. *smile

      • Suit me perfectly – easy, tasty and good for your health.
        Har du full koll på allt inför trippen? Betalar vi bostaden när vi är framme? Vi hörs av innan.

      • Betalar vid framkomst … jag tar den! Så kan ni ta andra omkostnader, sen räknar vi ut det … medan Lasse lastar bilen. 3800kr ligger det på nu – svenska kronan. Ändå blir det inte mera 425 kr/person och natt. De tar bara “cash” – så jag får gå till en bankomat. Behöver danska pengar ändå. http://detblaagaestehus.dk/dk/det-blaa-gaestehus/2 – jättespännande. Det finns ett supermarket precis vid lägenheten, SuperBrugsen, 200 m.

      • Det ser jättefint ut – hoppas det blir uppehållsväder. Ser ut att klara sig första dagen i alla fall!

      • Klart visar sol med moln 18-20C, för ett par dagar sedan visade de regnskurar varje dag. Så det säkert precis lagom. Våra värdar har bokat bord på Sylvester för första kvällen åt oss.

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