2 has become 4

Early this morning I made my way to the Wrangelska park here in Landskrona, 5 min walk from my apartment. Time interduce me to the cygnets … they had to be there!!!! 

And they were; two!!!!

So happy for “my” swan couple … last year something happened – the male disappeared for months. She was brooded for a long time on her own, then suddenly she had left the nest and no cygnets. 

We still have the heatwave and it looks like it’s going to stay for the full of next week too, so I decided to visit the park before the heat was getting too hard to handle for both the swans and me. They were out on the pond for a morning swim and of course, so soon dad saw me (means food) they came up to me. 

For me, personal the cygnets are the highlight of the year. I was so upset last year. I have tried to find out what had happened with the male, maybe he was insured … have asked the council veterinarian – but he didn’t come back to me. The old veterinarian always replayed, he retired 2 years ago.

Now nature is back to normal!

Landskrona is the Town of Swans! There have been as many as 1,200 swans and up to 4,000 mallards swimming around the harbour in the winter.

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”
George Santayana

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