travel diary – back in porto; an expensive start (day 1)

… so after a great dinner at “Restaurante LSD” and a really good nights sleep was it time take on Porto and I had a must do it list … a visit to the hairdresser at “ViaCatarina Shopping”, lunch at “Cafe Majestic”, both located on the same street, Rua de Santa Catarina.

I wanted to start off by visiting the “Bolhão Market”  but first I needed to visit the station. But it starts off a bit expensive. 

A morning with overcast, but pleasantly warm … no need for a cardigan. I walked up R. de Mouzinho da Silveira to São Bento station (that is a workout in itself) on the way I notice this fantastic boutique with the most beautiful accessories and gifts made from cork. It was the shoes that caught my eyes and I just had to go inside.

I never for my life thought that they would have shoes in my size. Found a pair of sneakers that I fell in love with, but they didn’t have a size that fit me. The young lady made a phone call and a couple of minutes later another young lady came with a size bigger – and they were like they were made after my feet.

The shop was full of fantastic handbags and there was one that was talking to me … and of course that went on the lost account too, so before even 10.30am I had spent nearly 300€ without any lucky pill intake. The bag is made from cork too with leather details.

“Boutique Concept Store” (FB page), wasn’t there last year .. I would have noticed it.

I made a stop at the beautiful station to fill up my Andante Card with bus tickets and to buy the train ticket to Aveiro for the following morning. The train fares is cheap in Portugal – 7.50€ for a return. We talking about a 75 min journey. I filled my card with 10 tickets for Z2, 12€, because I was going out to Foz a couple of time. You can’t mix Z1 and Z2 on the same card. If you buy from the driver it will cost you 1.95€ for one hour ticket and you have to validate the ticket or the card every time you are changing.


Then I took the Metro D (yellow) to Trindade and change to F (orange) to Bolhão. It would have taken me about 12 min to walk to the market … but all uphills, NO WAY!!! It probably took me 20 min with the metro.

I found the market hall straight away – a very fresh complex ( La Vie Porto Shopping Centre). Dedicated mainly to fresh products, its sellers are divided into different specialised sections, namely: fishmongers, butchers, greengrocers and florists. Fresh fruit and vegetables were the biggest section and with a couple of very nice looking restaurants.

A bought a couple of apricots, figs and strawberries … and a very nice juice made from coconut. Plus a tin of tuna, Rocking Tuna. I spent about 1,5 hour walking around. Only on the lower level.

Everybody I talked to was so friendly, even if their English was close no none … but most spoke very good English.

I wish I had been able to visit the market in its old building, but I’m sure I will be able to one day when it’s all ready to re-open. 

The Bolhão Market is the most famous in the city and in 2006 it was classified as a place of public interest. Dating back to 1850. The market was closed in April for up to 2 years for a big rehab project.

As I left the market had it started to rain quite heavily.

“All selling should spring from service”
Rasheed Ogunlaru

16 thoughts on “travel diary – back in porto; an expensive start (day 1)

  1. Interesting the cork shoes are so comfy. With the walking you do, you need something like that. I loved Portugal and would very much like to go back.

    • Yes, they are … and they are cool to wear in more than one way. They are leather lined … and cork is soft as leather in itself. The shop had a chair covered in cork, just looked like leather. Fantastic place, I understand that you would like to go back.

  2. Now those shoes…and that bag – not at all envious! Fantastic, and fitting as well. A good combo indeed, and good for your feet.

  3. Wow, quite a bit spent so early in the morning. But they are things that you like, and must have been a a sign of a good day ahead 😁 Very lovely pair of shoes too. That train station looked packed from your photo. It sounded like you were very organized with all the tickets at the train station, buying in advance and always a good idea. Hope you didn’t get too wet on the rain 😊

    • Mabel, I was soaking wet – had to invest in an umbrella, which I’m not a fan of. It was tough to handle both umbrella and Oscar on the same time.
      The train station is packed because of all tourist taking photos of it’s fantastic tile-art. The most beautiful station i my book. I hate to queue up for tickets before departure … always try to buy in advance or on-line.
      I wish you a great weekend.

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