travel diary – back in porto; getting there and back

I don’t know what it’s with Porto that makes me want to return before I have left – one thing is for sure it’s NOT the hilly streets. Especially R. de Mouzinho da Silveira that goes from Infante to Porto São Ben (the most beautiful railway station in the world in my eyes), that street just goes on and on – endless … and steep, even the locals “hate” it. 

So I made sure that the apartment I was going to rent was close to the bus stop, close to the riverfront (Ribeira) and that the building has a lift – I found it all in Elisabete and Eduardo’s little apartment at Rua de Sao Joao, 110. The busstop is just around the corner. 

Last year I flew with TAP with a change of flight in Lisboa, which airport I found so boring … so I went with Lufthansa this time. Very smooth operator when going to Porto and the 2-hour stopover at Frankfurt Airport went very quick.

We had loads of problems with public transport in the county the last 6 weeks, one technical problem after the other, so I gave myself good time for getting to Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen … but everything went on track and that meant I had nearly 3 hours to kill before take off.

Of course, I need my favourite breakfast at the Lagerkagehuset – they have started with a breakfast sandwich with fresh spinach, avocado and poached egg on very dark rye bread …. just a MUST for me now and their fresh orange/carrot juice. 

Frankfurt is a massive airport, haven’t been there since June 1979 – it was big then already. But because we got bus transfer into the terminal from the plane, it was a very short walk to my new gate. There was staff to help up with connecting flights. Well organized – Germany of course. 

There was time for some fresh fruit salad and a healthy snack bar. The flight to Porto was overbooked, that created some panic and if I had been on my way home I would have given up my seat and taken the 350€. After all, we took off in time and arrived in time. 

At Porto’s new and very nice airport the luggage handling took time and with me having a private chauffeur waiting for me – I became a bit annoyed.  He was there and they had upgraded my transfer to a brand new Mercedes and a lovely chauffeur by name Jamie – he spook very little English, but he is an excellent driver. We met some mad lorry drivers.


I used a new company for my transfer – “GET TRANSFER” where ever and whenever you want to go (all over the world) you just create a quote and then companies come back with their prices and you pick which one you fancy. My return journey costs my only 22€ – last year I paid 40€. It worked fantastically for me in Porto and I had the same car and chauffeur for my return journey to the airport. Will use “GET TRANSFER” from now on. 

Elisabete was waiting for me outside the apartment – the apartment will I come back to. I felt at home so soon I entered the building. A restored old building and the apartment ticked all my boxes.

Returning home, my driver was there at the exact time (09.30), it takes about 30 min to the airport. Halfway to the airport, it started to rain. 

Lufthansa check-in … very smooth and same was the security check. We boarded the flight, but the traffic control didn’t give the flight it’s slot … too busy so we had to wait 20 min before clearance. That meant that I had only 35 min in Frankfurt to get to my connection and it was at gate 52.

Of course, no gangway had to have bus transfer so now I had only 10 min to get to the gate … 40 gates away.  No time to get Oscar out from the bag. 

Well at gate 52 I found out that my Copenhagen flight had a one hour delay – so then I decided to get myself a cup of coffee .. and had to walk another 4 gates. Back to 52 again to find out that the flight was going to depart from gate 13. So walking back 40 gates again. 75 min delay in total.

At Kastrup I had missed my train … and a lady needed help to buy train tickets – her bank card wasn’t accepted. 

22.15 I opened my front door … and it was like walking into a heated wall. +26C in my apartment. Welcome home, Viveka!!!!

“The thrill of coming home has never changed.”
Guy Pearce

8 thoughts on “travel diary – back in porto; getting there and back

  1. When you write it like that without the Porto visit it the middle it sounds crazy! Looking forward to hearing about your second Porto visit. Thanks for the tip on Get Transfer – I’ll look into it…

    • Mrs. Jones … I’m lost now (without Porto visit in the middle???)))) – Get transfer … you can use all over the world, there is some negative reviews, but every driver is reviewed personal and also it shows what languages they talk.

      • I meant it sounds like it was all travelling and airports without mentioning the things you actually did in Porto – but I know your actual time spent in the city is to come and I’m looking forward to reading them 🙂

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