back home – from rain to heatwave

So I’m back home after 5 fantastic days in Porto and 24 hours at Costa Nova …. and the memory card is full of images. 

It became a long journey home yesterday … because both my flights were delayed and I had given myself an early start. And it started rain again as I was in my comfortble private airport transfer. 

The apartment is lovely and with the best location and the building had a LIFT …  with the most lovely hostess, Elisabete. Will book again for my next stay, next year I hope. 

Returning home to this forecast today for Landskrona:

14:00 28° 28°
15:00 28° 29°
16:00 28° 29°
17:00 28° 29°
18:00 27° 27°
19:00 26° 26°
20:00 25° 25°


It wasn’t this warm in Porto – it started off with wet-wet, but became mostly overcast … but there were some beautiful sunny days too. So I’m not at all complaining.

Had a fantastic stay, but my feet were crying every day. 

Of course, I enjoyed some fantastic food, drinks … and I delighted myself with quite a few “Pastel de Nata”

And I delighted myself with many “Port & Tonic” – some days more than one … life didn’t hurt at all.  

There will be plenty posts … and fare too many images coming!!!

First of all I have to be able to figure out how to handle this heatwave that is supposed to stay for us for over a week … not build this heat anymore.

“Travel is the only thing that makes you richer.”

19 thoughts on “back home – from rain to heatwave

  1. Stay cool, Viveka. 29 degrees doesn’t sound too bad but I find when temperatures soar this high, this early in the year our bodies have a hard time adjusting, especially for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere.

    • Carol, this is not normal for us … and especially not in May. We are not made for temperatures like this. We don’t have A/C … in our homes. I totally agree with you that the older we get the harder we have to tolerant heat.

      • When I was in Dublin a few years ago they were going through a similar heat wave. Even the hotel didn’t have air conditioning but luckily we were able to open the windows, something that’s almost unheard of in these large chain hotels in North America.

      • Public buildings and shops has A/C over here, but not private homes …. and I don’t think guesthouses or B&B has it. Still hot … and it’s staying into the middle of next week. Poor nature.

  2. Heatwave? I’m in the middle of drizzle and sea fret. 😦 😦 A poor couple of days but the weekend was lovely, in parts. 🙂 Glad you had a good stay, Vivi. I’m off to Poland on Sunday. Very complicated travel arrangements once I get there, but meeting Meg and Gilly on Sunday afternoon. (if we can find each other 🙂 )

    • Poland… lucky you! Please give Meg a BIiiIIIiIig hug from me. Where are you meeting up???!!!! Good for you!!!! Giving yourself some time in Poland. Very envy, but it’s a bit too hot for me there just now. I blame the weather. *smile
      A hot hug

      • I’m flying into Warsaw and spending the night at Meg’s before catching a bus south to family. Wish me luck! It all gets a bit complicated. 🙂 ) I’ve got one of your CDs on as background while I’m writing- Escape. Thank you!

  3. Ur askan i elden? Heat wave every day – just too much now, at least for me. 30 degrees today and the dog is dying………just joking. But he does not want to go out. Porto looks cool.

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