lilac and laburnum

… and their friends. But no cygnets yet.

Today was my last chance to get a picture of the cute cygnets … before my take off to Porto. But nothing has happened yet. She is still brooding. 

I got a chance to meet up with daddy Swan and the very friendly and hungry ducks.

On Wednesday morning is it take off time for Porto – it feels a bit weird to leave this beautiful weather we had for weeks now here in Sweden … and especially when I’m going to land in rain. It’s going to rain in Porto for my full 6 nights stay and here at home is it going to be the same fantastic weather. I’m gutted.

But as our guide in Tokyo said …. I don’t have any influence over the weather … only over my husband. 

Hopefully, there will be some moments of sunshine and there are loads of things to do indoors (so back-up do-it list has to be made), but still … but life is so much easier when we have the sun on our backs.

“Blessed is he who expects nothing,
for he shall never be disappointed.”
Alexander Pope

P.S. The autoplay with Soundcloud doesn’t work … haven’t done for a while – so if you want to listen to my choice of music for this post, you have to click on the player. Have reported it numeracy times, but no replay yet!!!

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