20 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – liquid (happy hours)

      • Thanks. All from holidays. I very rarely drink at home and I never drink on my own at home, not even a glass of wine.

      • My grandmother had a rule formed from seeing too many Naval Officer’s widows turn alcoholic that one should not imbibe alone. I follow her lead but holidays are a whole different game!!

      • I totally agree …. holiday is a totally different ballgame. Flying to Porto on Wednesday … so the Port Splash will be waiting on me.

  1. The quote reminds me of a time someone (who was trying to convince me to get hypnotized) said your mind won’t let you do anything you wouldn’t do when “awake”. I STILL didn’t do it. Nice photos.

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  4. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    I really like your colorful exhibit of liquids.
    Just looking at them makes me somewhat thirsty.
    Had a delicious ice cream today… 😉
    Have a wonderful and HAPPY weekend
    Gib hugs xoxox 🙂

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