weekly photo challenge – my place in the world

My place in the world has been on the ocean … and by the sea.

In my book there is only one ocean, it has been given different names depending on where it docks.

(The Bosphorus strait, Istanbul – May 2014)

I have sailed under the Southern Cross and the Polar Star – I have sailed the 7 seas and I have crossed the International Date Line (IDL) twice.

(The South China Sea, Hong Kong – March 2015)

I have very good sea legs!!!

(The Øresund, at the Danish side – March 2016)

And the ocean has made me more tolerant and openminded.

(The Atlantic Ocean, Foz do Douro – June 2017)

In May 1972 did I get my first seaman’s book.

( The Pacific ocean, Vancouver – July 2012)

During my whole adult life has I lived by the ocean: Gothenburg, Falkenberg (Sweden), Seattle, Vancouver Island, Dublin, Dover, Brighton, Belfast and now Landskrona

(The Baltic Sea – Between Stockholm and Mariehamn, Finland – February 2015)

I have to live where the ocean docks … the closeness to the ocean is a must for me.

(The Øresund, at the Swedish side – May 2018)

My body, soul, and heart need it … just like the need of air.

(Lake Michigan (not really an ocean, but it feels like it), Chicago – September 2014)

Today I live a 15 min walk from the seafront

(The Øresund, the seafront in Landskrona – June 2014)

And one day … not too soon, I hope … will my ashes be lowered at sea.

(Where two ocean meets – the Skagerrak and the Kattegat, Skagen – July 2015)

(The Irish Sea (aboard The Stena Superfast VIII, between Stranraer – Belfast) – February 2018)


by Jonatan Reuter
Now the fresh wind blows in the ocean
from the southwest
And caressing
soft seaman’s cheek
of all winds best!
At sea, at sea
To storm, you bold hunting
At sea, to storm,
you were on duty
To seas!
In endless lives, life is free,
do not enjoy compulsion,
When the sea sings, green and white,
his high freedom song
At sea, at sea
to storm, you bold hunting,
At sea, to storm,
were you on duty
To seas!
Swallow beautiful, beautiful sail, swell in the wind’s dust,
Fly forward with joy to the wave’s wave
at the moment’s greatest pleasure!
At sea, at sea
to storm, you bold hunting,
To storm, by sea
were you on duty
To seas!

(The Atlantic Ocean, Biarittz – September 2008)



16 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – my place in the world

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    • Tina, you’re so right …. not much of a surprise. Yes, my adult life has been a fantastic adventure. Would never dream of complaining neither. *laughing

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  4. The ocean is a powerful and relaxing place to be. We are about an hour away from it, but try to go as often as we can. Nice pictures!

    • Yes, I totally agree … the ocean has so many moods. And it lover both our laughter and tears. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

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