in waiting ….

for the cygnets!!!

Last year something happened to “my” swan pair … the male was gone for months, she was nesting, but nothing came out of it. I don’t know where the male was???!!! Maybe he was injured or something, he wasn’t around for a long time – then in the early summer he was back, but no cygnets.

Today I would dare to say we had our first summer day of 2018, +22C/+72F and not a cloud on the sky … but still with a pleasant breeze at times. 

So I thought I will pay the park and the swans a visit, maybe the small ones are out. Haven’t been up there for months. 

Normally in weather, like we have now I would wear a skirt, but with have to wear my compression stockings until Tuesday afternoon … and they don’t look great to a summer skirt, so I put my linen trousers on and I gave my seasonal new KIOMI slip in a trail run. I buy a new pair every spring – because I wear them nearly daily. Fantastic shoe when you live on big feet. I have walk in them before I bring them to Porto at the end of the month. 

The first thing I did … was treating myself with a Magnum Classic – is it summer … so is it!!!!

5 min walk to the park! But no cygnets! She is still nesting and were so busy with enforcing the nest. The male was on the other side of the pond … but with some nice fresh bread, he soon was on my side. 

The ducks are always altered when there is food around. We have very few female ducks in Landskrona, somebody told me that the council executes them – because they don’t want any more ducks. I hope that isn’t true.

We have many ducks … but only twice have I seen ducklings through the nine years I lived here.

I feed the ones that wanted to be feed … the seagulls and terns weren’t that eager for some reason. I sat for 30 min there on the bench and enjoyed Landskrona’s first day of summer. 

My way home I took through Dammhags park to get a close-up date with the magnolia trees and it’s friends. There were people relaxing in the park. 

Two years ago we got new park benches around the park – more like sun chairs, very comfortable to sit in. 

Also, all the fancy and exclusive cars with the soft top were let out too.

Back home there was a family gathering in a backyard …. my Kosovo family was enjoying the sun and the gossip (maybe).

I have to go back to the park next weekend … hopefully, there will be some cute ones swimming around. Otherwise, I have to wait until after Porto. 

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”
Charles Bowden


15 thoughts on “in waiting ….

  1. Maybe next time! And I hope what you was told about the ducks is not true…
    And – where and when do we meet? Around eleven I think we said, but where?

  2. It was glorious here today too! Wherever has it come from? 25C in early May! Lazy morning and breakfast in the garden, then an Open Garden and a stroll by the River Tees. I would have liked an evening of music at the Cricket Club, but Mick wasn’t feeling great, so it’s back to the laptop. 🙂 🙂 I like your silver shoes, and the swans are beautiful. Bring on the Magnums!

    • Yes, bring on the Magnums!!! We have been promised a week of sunshine and nice temperature. Had the laundry this morning – and at the same time have I unpacked all my summer clothes now getting some fresh air – nearly packed all the winter gear.
      I hope it’s nothing serious with Mick???!!! Now with you moving and everything. I would love to join you for an evening of music at the Cricket Club. My shoes are so comfortable …. they are going to have a girly day out with Ann Christine on Wednesday in Malmö. After that, they are ready for Porto. MondayHugs.

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