meditating clowns

The room is 80 meters long. And there they are 45 clowns in colorful costumes.

Some sit and lean against the walls, others lie scattered over the floor as though they were resting. It is the artist Ugo Rondinone who made the clown dolls in exact human sizes. Friends of the artist have become models for the sculptures.

Ugo Rondinone has been extremely careful how the work will look. From New York, he has been through Skype and has given exact directions to the museum how the clowns will be placed in the room. 

Actually, the language of loneliness, as the work is called, is about the reality of a single person in one day depicted by the 45 figures. All clowns have been given individual names, such as breathing, sleeping, dreaming, waking up, eating, reading, laughing and swimming, and then doing actions that take place within a day’s cycle. 

Ugo Rondinone (1963) is a Swiss-born mixed-media artist living in New York. His work frequently employs the experiential qualities of every day, often reflecting on the boundaries between fiction and reality. 

The clowns were so real … so when I walked in between them I got the feeling they were breathing or just moved. 

In the changing lighting in the colors of the rainbow…  it was pure magic – and the magic I enjoyed at Arken Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj, Denmark. 

“A clown makes you laugh it doesn’t
mean he knows how to perform a surgery.”
Kambiz Shabankareh

11 thoughts on “meditating clowns

    • Yes, you would have loved it…. I thought about you when I walked around in between them … the colours .. the costumes and light. As you said it .. beautiful and artistic.

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