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I call it so because I can never remember the last bit of the name: Mariahilfer Straße – my kind of shopping street.  Hardly a secret that it’s also the locals favorite shopping street.

I think that everyone coming to Vienna will once visit Mariahilferstraße, as it is one of the largest streets of Vienna. It is full of stores, boutiques and all the big international brands have their flagship stores on Mariahilferstraße. The big international expensive designer brands you will find around St. Stephen’s Cathedral, they are side by side – nearly in each other’s knees.

And then Mariahilferstraße’s all back streets there are some really nice boutiques hidden there. Best tips are Neubaugasse, Zollergasse, Kirchengasse, Otto-Bauer-Gasse to just name some of them.

Robert’s nephew had his confirmation on Saturday and on his wish list was something from a shop called “Jake and Jones” and it is located on Mariahilferstraße.

His nephew is a member of the famous Die Wiener Sängerknaben, but this year will be his last year. He will be able to continue at the school, but not allowed to sing anymore.


Robert made a fabulous cake for the confirmation – also at the event, the choir was performing. What a treat!!!!! Robert had to attend on his own, Carol works Saturday. 

I tried to find a special shoe that I saw in Tulln, but they didn’t have my size … but I didn’t have any luck in Vienna neither – but then I went to TJ Maxx (great handbags to be found there) and of course, I found a big that I didn’t know I needed, €35/£31/$43/364SEK.

It went into use the following day when I met up with Dia and her serious relative for a day at Schönbrunn Palace.  

In very good company – guess which is the most expensive one here????!!!

Love my Suri Frey bag – perfect for travel and it has streaks of silver, which I love for the summer.

On the way home, Robert took us to a cafe – owned by the confectioner where Robert started his career: “L. Heiner” to be found at a couple of locations in and around Vienna, 2 of them in cathedral area.

Beautiful patisserie and cakes, totally spoiled for choice … I couldn’t make my mind up, so I went for a Spinach & Mozzarella Strudel instead. Excellent. 

Before we left “Maria Shopping street” – I manage to get some tulips at Lidl for the kitchen and Robert got a parking fine!!!!! We were 6 min late!!!!! Everything has a price … even a couple of Fridays hours on Mariahilfer Straße. 

In the evening Robert preferred fresh lamb filets – heavenly!!!

Still, Robert was smiling after dinner even if he had pain in his broken arm and with a parking fine!!!

“You know, somebody complimented me today
for my driving.
They left a little note on the windscreen, it said: Parking Fine!”
Tommy Cooper

7 thoughts on “travel diary; kirchbach, austria – vienna; maria shopping street

  1. Oh, wonderful….this brings back memories of a visit to Vienna three decade ago…..I think I have had Café und Kuchen at Heiner

  2. He! A parking fine! One we had our car towed away by Mr. Spider from this very street. It says “SORRY” on those tow-away trucks in nice big friendly letters but I wasn’t going to pay. I had some harsh words with the man in the booth and they let me have my car back for free. 😀 I might have been a bit… hm… intimidating. 😀 😀 And low on cash. It was expensive!!

    • Good on you!!!! I can imagine that it would have taken a bit piece of the wallet – to realize the car otherwise. Now today they don’t have parking ticket machines, you do it on your smartphone or you have cards that you tick and put in the window. Robert got a text telling him that he was late for his car .. and also the fine he got on the smartphone.

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