travel diary; kirchbach, austria – a girly day out in tulln an der donau

Carol and I had a girly day out in Tulln an der Donau, about 20 min drive from Kirchbach – didn’t see much of river Donau. It was more about shopping and it was only Carol that had all the bags at the end of the day. We went in her Mini Cooper Cab, but we didn’t have the soft top down.

Oscar stayed in the bag most of the day. A very nice town center, totally pedestrian with large parking house under the town square. No walking distance between the shops, we visit both outlet shop and mall.

We visit a Dirndl shop because Carol wanted to get some ideas, she makes her own. Beautiful dresses and the details are so exquisite. Not a dress for me, I would die if they strapped me into a dress like that. She ended buying a cool T-shirt for her leather hosen.

The dirndl originated from the uniform of Austrian domestic workers during the 19th century (Dirndlgewand means “maid’s dress”). Simple forms were also worn commonly by working women in plain colors or a simple check. The Austrian upper classes adopted the dirndl as high fashion in the 1870s, making it a highly fashionable and popular must-have item in the nation soon after. 

A dirndl can be worn 300 days of the year, but be careful how you tie the apron!!!!!!

There is a special way in which to tie the ribbon of the apron around one’s waist depending on your status. And it is still strictly adhered to.
To the left: means you are single and ready to mingle!
To the right: means you are married or promised to someone
In the middle: this is for young girls/children
In the back: means you are widowed, or for waitresses.

We had a summers day, even if it was very windy – could we enjoy our lunch outside. We both delighted ourselves with salads and they were excellent at “s’Pfandl”, right on the town square. Mine was with grilled bacon wrapped goat cheese salad with fresh figs

A visit to the restroom I saw this quote – which means: “Here you have to pay attention to who eats and drinks as what you eat and drink.” (Google translation)

I would have liked to see more part of the town along the river, but there will be new opportunities for that. Because when we were finished with the shops, my legs were screaming.

Not far from the house the traffic was to a standstill, first, we thought it had a been an accident – the winding roads are dangerous and since they moved in there has been some very bad accidents with motorbikes and cyclists. The roads are very popular with both and they are not very careful, especially the motorbikes. But it had been a tree falling over the road and thankful it hadn’t fallen over a car. we had to wait about 10 min and we could drive on. The wire bridge with massive saws was there and so was the police. 

In the evening Robert took us girls to a lovely restaurant, Heuriger Trat-Wiesner, that is really a family run, since the beginning of 1900th vineyard that has a restaurant that is open from Wednesdays to Sunday. Now the 4th generation that runs vineyard and restaurant. A very popular place in Weidling,  Klosterneuburg. The restaurants are surrounded and covered in greenery and flowers. Very pretty and loads of space for outdoor dining and drinking.  

I enjoyed slow-cooked beef (Tafelspitz) with wild garlic, Rösti, and fresh horseradish. Never eaten wild garlic before, heard about it. It is only the leaves that are eatable and they look like Lily of the valley (which are poisons) – the forest is full of wild garlic in Austria. It was absolutely delicious and served a bit as fresh spinach, wilted in cream. We had one of their white wines with our meal and it was beautiful.

They also arrange weddings in their vineyard.

The location is also stunning with a view over the valley. As we drove into the carpark we were greeted by the most stunning Magnolia tree – never seen anything that big or with that amount of flowers, must have been 1000’s and they were big as tea saucers. Just breathtaking.  

“I’ve always loved magnolia trees and their blooms –
It demands attention.”
Joanna Gaines


14 thoughts on “travel diary; kirchbach, austria – a girly day out in tulln an der donau

  1. So lovely to see the spring greens and the magnolia blossoms. We’re not quite there yet but give it another week or two and we should be seeing this as well. Lovely posts as always, Viveka.

    • Carol, thank you so much …. it hasn’t come this far here neither, but it has started. It was so warm and sunny down there, even if the wind was at the time a bit strong. It’s something very special about themagnolia blossoms. I wish you a pleasant Spring when ever it arrives, because it will arrive.

    • Thank you, Sue … yes, it was a fantastic day … regarding the wine I don’t know which of the estate’s wine we had. They have many different white wines.

  2. Aside from screaming legs, it sounds a lovely day, Vivi. 🙂 🙂 There’s quite a lot of wild garlic in the woods near here and I’ve heard it’s good in salads, with cider vingar? Never tried it, though. Glad you had such a lovely time. Thanks very much for my postcard- it got here today 🙂 Quiet time this week?

    • Glad that the card has arrived – my pleasure. How is the house-selling going???
      I had a lovely day every day during my visit. In all honesty I didn’t want to leave.
      Not really quiet week, but I have time for myself. Tomorrow in to Helsingborg for a facial treatment. Need a little pampering. *smile

      • No viewers for the house yet. Been on the market 1 week. Who knows- maybe it won’t sell? It took 18 months to sell Dad’s house but it needed a lot of modernisation. Ours is in a really good location and not in bad condition. We’ll see. We will still go in September even if it doesn’t sell. I have to go while I can still walk! Enjoy your pampering 🙂 🙂

      • Okay, I hope of all my heart that you will get your house sold before you move down – life will be so much easier. I’m sure it will sell!!! Will hold everything for us, guys.
        You’re absolutely right and I will come to the village, next year .. I promise. I will try to get Leya to come along. Have found the perfect place for us to stay. *smile – And you enjoy your Thursday too. TV-hug.

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