travel diary; kirchbach, austria – klosterneuburg

Klosterneuburg, in the district: Tulln was the first town my friends took me to, about 15 min drive from Kirchbach – a town with about 26.000 inhabits and that is famous for its monastery. In Klosterneuburg I met the spring of 2018. 

What I have seen so far of Austrian monasteries, they are not very humble in their appearance, more like castles. Big and the lay on high locations with stunning views and Klosterneuburg are just in that class of grandeur. Most monasteries live on wine or beer making, or both plus food and dining.

It is located on the Danube River, immediately north of Vienna, from which it is separated by the Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg hills of the Vienna Woods range. It has been separated from its twin city of Korneuburg on the left bank of the Danube since the river changed its course during the Late Middle Ages.


Stift Klosterneuburg, according to the legend, Margrave Leopold III founded Klosterneuburg Monastery at the place where he found the veil of his wife Agnes, which had been seized by a gust of wind on the day of their wedding. The foundation stone was laid 1114. In 1133 the Order of the Augustinian Canons settled at Klosterneuburg upon Leopold’s initiative. Since that time (with the exception of the years between 1941 and 1945, when the canonry was suppressed by the Nazis).

Today, almost 50 canons who are members of the Canonry, and the great number of staff in the parishes and the monastic businesses want to take this great legacy into the future together. There are often concerts arranged at the monastery and art exhibitions. There are daily tours around the monastery and the wine cellar.

The monastery is the oldest wine estate in Austria. Truly beautiful place and very impressive.

We visit the church, walked around on the grounds and finished off with a coffee break/lunch at Stiftscafé, the monastery has 2 cafes and one restaurant. The weather invited us to eat outdoors and I ice cream outdoor for the first time this year: mango, pistachio, and coconut. Yummy!!!!! Went very well with the sunshine. 

Lower Klosterneuburg is a very pretty town with small lovely shops, but the main street goes just through the town center and that spoils it a bit. The upper part of the town holds the City Hall. After lunch, we visit the lower part of the town, did some shopping, had more ice cream … just enjoyed the day.

On the way home, we stopped at one of the local farmers in Kirchbach, said hello to the goats, newborn lambs, cows, the roster and his hens … and the curly pigs.

And as we reached the house I just had to get some images of the wood anemone – in my instinct, I thought that they are only grown here in the Nordics, how wrong have not been … the woodland ground are covered with them in Austria too.

“Some people say laughter is the best medicine,
others think that wine is the way to go. I take both.”

10 thoughts on “travel diary; kirchbach, austria – klosterneuburg

  1. Tulln comes into my mind as Tulln Langenlebarn for some reason…just looked it up and that was a motor racing circuit. I will have read about it years ago…thanks for taking me on a memory trip! Klosterneuberg I have been to, great photos…and love the curly pigs! Great that you have been to Klosterneuburg too.

    • Thank you, Sue … the race circuit I didn’t hear anything about. Klosterneuburg is a really pretty town, no stress there. The curly pigs was so cute, but I think they were a bit upset because we didn’t have any food with us. *smile

      • I don’t think the circuit is still there – I see Austria’s own, the late Jochen Rindt, won Formula 2 stuff in the late ’60s…that will be how I heard of it

  2. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    lovely pictures and thank for the tour of Klosterneuburg!
    But now I’m hungry for an ice cream…and have none in the freezer… Tomorrow’s another day 😀
    Hope you’re well and feeling good!
    Many duvet hugs xoxo 🙂

    • Girlfriend, sorry I have missed this replay of yours. Klosterneuburg is a lovely town … you should visit.
      I don’t have any ice cream neither – but I have pink frozen cakes from Ikea with loads of calories in. *smile – have to keep the daily intake up *laughing.

  3. Super grand, isn’t it, but very beautiful, Vivi. 🙂 🙂 You’d have to drink with your little finger crooked there! We’ve got anemones in the same woods as the wild garlic. I never like the smell of the garlic in the woods but I love it in cooking. Hugs, darlin! Hope the feet have recovered. Those pigs are cute but the goats are my favourites.

    • Jo, I don’t think the wild garlic smells in the forest – until you touch the leaves. You can only use the leaves on the wild garlic. Very tasty. Taste a bit like spinach with a very mild garlic flavour.
      The pigs were so funny, when they realised that we didn’t have any lunch with us for them. They really had an attitude. I love goats too.

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