travel diary; kirchbach, austria – days of pure pleasure, endless hospiality and t.i.m.e

“Never let your best friends get lonely …
keep disturbing them.”

So, my friends, Carol and Robert have exchanged their magnificent roof terrace in the 19th district of Vienna against a lawn bigger than my apartment up in the mountains, 30 min drive from Vienna city center.  To a little village by name Kirchbach, 3413 Am Stienriegl, that don’t even have a convenient store, but has fresh air, woodland, deep valleys, birdsong and curly pigs!!!!

I couldn’t say how many lives in the village, even if Robert told me, the memory isn’t what it was.

They have done a brilliant exchange and found themselves a true paradise. And for me too … because of the 4 floors without lift at Grinzinger Strasse, started to be too much for me.

Carol is a very devoted gardener and she had done a fantastic job with the garden last summer and this year she has loads of new plans and ideas, glad she toke me up on that they need some new potato stands. She makes sure that Robert has his fresh herbs just outside the kitchen window.

Carol is the most creative person I know – she can do anything!!! She saw her own clothes, fixes up old furnishings, upholstery, paint paintings, photography and she has done magic with their new home.

Their new home is a “mansion”, I had the Swedish room with my own bathroom and toilet – a fantastic B&B with splendid hospitality. 

Robert is a creative chef – and there aren’t any ingredients he can’t make magic from. We met on Stena Olympica in 1979, when I returned to Stena Line after being away for 2 years … and after that, we have been working together in both Sweden and the UK for Stena Line. It was in the UK he met Carol, that was working as the National Duty-Free Manager and sparkles were there from the first sight.

“Friends buy you food.
Best friends eat your food.”

Robert was a pâtissier when he came to Sweden – and then developed into a very extraordinary chef, the best fish and seafood I have eaten Robert has made. His Apfelstrudel!!!!!!! He is also great on pre-dinner drinks, my favorite became the one with the fresh strawberries: he soaked the strawberries in apricot liqueur and put them in with apple cider.  I couldn’t get enough of it. 

Robert has been very unlucky with his health since the moved into their new home. First, he needed a foot operation they knew was happening, one of the reasons why the moved (4 floors without lift) – he had his foot in plaster for about 16 weeks and only 2 weeks before I arrived he fell out of a bed and broke his left upper arm and he was in severe pain at times.  But of course, he was cooking, baking … and taking me out on great tours of the town and village in the area, on winding roads. The host of hosts!

Will come to those adventures later.

Had a fabulous stay in Kirchbach … and I could really get used to the Swedish room, the wines, drinks, food, and COMPANY!!!!! *smile  Next time I visit I guess I will have a completely new bathroom with a big walk-in shower.

Carol said to me before I left … that made me so very happy and fussy: Wivi, you’re not a friend … you’re a part of the family. What lovely thing to say.

And I will be back for T.I.M.E!!! Next year.

“In family relationships,
love is really spelled T.I.M.E.”
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

10 thoughts on “travel diary; kirchbach, austria – days of pure pleasure, endless hospiality and t.i.m.e

  1. Vive, that looks absolutely wonderful. Really pleased for you that you had a wonderful time with great hosts (or is it family?) 😉

    I am back in Vienna next month (23rd), and so looking forward to it. I really did fall in love with Vienna when I was there over the New Year. A beautiful city with friendly people. And with the help of Victoria, found some wonderful places to eat. I will turn 50 when I am in Austria, so the plan at the moment is to take a day trip to Salzburg by train. Never been to Salzburg though, but I’m told it is beautiful too. I wonder if the hills really are alive with the sound of music? 😀

    • Barry, never been to Salzburg neither … suppose to be a beautiful city and even friendlier than Vienna. I think you should give yourself a night in Salzburg.
      50????!!!! Congratulations.
      The hills are all over the Austria, I had them in Kirchbach … so I’m sure you will find them too. *smile
      Enjoy your Vienna Adventure.

  2. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    how lovely! Your friends have put a fantastic house together. Everything looks so nice and cozy. I bet you had a wonderful time. You deserve it!
    Have a very HAPPY week!
    Duvet hugs xoxo 🙂

    • Yes, they have found their dream home … and turned it into something very special. I had a fantastic visit to Vienna and you had a big part in that too. I hope Hamburg was good to you. Because you deserve that!

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