four fresh products dinner – bacon wrapped lamb burger with feta cheese.

Everything I used for this dish came out of my freezer except the feta cheese, the lemon, egg and the Crème fraîche. I freeze most fresh meat in portion-size for me as a lonely diner. Even the bacon – freeze the slices 2 and 2. The minced lamb comes normally in 500gr/1 Pound packs, so I divide the pack into 4.

It takes a bit of think to be in a single household. *smile 

Before Easter, there was quite a lot of fresh lamb in the supermarkets (no butcher in town) – and I find some really good minced lamb, not something that they have at a regular basis. Lamb in overall isn’t something they sell, because most Swedes don’t like lamb. They say it taste wool!!!!!????

So with 125gr/4.400z of mince, I got two “patties” about 7-8cm/3 inches big. I personally think that it’s nice with 2 smaller “patties” than one big.

Potato wedges I wouldn’t bother doing myself … because I don’t want them deepfried, so I buy frozen – then I mix olive oil with a Danish spice-mix called “Brase Kartoffel Krydderi” – direct translation from Danish, Pan-fried Potato Mix”; onion, parsley, paprika, salt, yeast extract, vegetable extract Chinese cabbage), vegetable oil, pink peppers, lemon peel, basil, Estragon, leek, and turmeric.


It is an indispensable spice for the potato dishes, but use it too diligently in pasta dishes, in short, it is only the imagination that sets the limit for the use of this enchanting spice mixture. I use it for nearly all vegetables – when I oven bake or grill. Brilliant on grilled Asparagus. I buy it at the fun and colorful  “Flying Tiger” – a Danish shop that is all over the world now. But I can promise that they sell the same spices in all shops. I have to buy mine when I’m in Denmark. Sweden shops don’t stock it.

Then I oven bake the well-coated wedges on a baking parchment in the oven at 255C/440F/Gas Mark 7 for about 20 min – at the same time, as the burgers are in the oven too.

Bacon wrapped lamb burger with spiced potato wedges and yogurt mint lemon dressing, serves 4

500gr / 17.6 oz lamb mince
3 eggs (I used 1 for my portion)
150 gr / 5.3 oz feta cheese – finely crumbled
1 handful chopped parsley, fresh or frozen (used frozen)
1 tsp caraway seeds, coarsely crushed in a mortar
3 garlic cloves, crushed.
2 teaspoons (10ml) sambal oelek
8 bacon slices
seasoning, salt & fresh ground pepper
butter knobs for every burger
1 lemon, zest

  1. Put the oven on 200C/400F/Gas Mark 6
  2. Mix well all the ingredients with the mince until a smooth mixture and let rest in the fridge for a couple of hours before cooking.
  3. Work the mince mixture with wet hands, much easier to form the burgers. Wrap a bacon slice around burgers.
  4. Seal them in some butter in a frying pan to give them a nice colour, one side a little more than the other (top side).
  5. Then transfer them to the oven and if you have done a small burger they only need about 15 min and big once up to 20 min.

While the burger was in the oven I made the dressing, I just took Crème fraîche, because I didn’t have any Turkish yogurt at home, I added some frozen mint, sumac spice, fresh lemon juice, salt and freshly ground pepper. No measurements here, just to your own liking. 

For serving, I poured the baking juice (all the goodies in there – all the flavors) over the burgers, topped them with the dressing and finished off with the lemon zest and chopped parsley.

This is totally my own creation … and I must admit I did a great job with this dish. And with only 4 fresh ingredients – I have to blow my own horn, nobody else around to do it.  Well done, Wivi. Very tasty. 

“Oh, the pleasure of eating my dinner alone!”
Charles Lamb

12 thoughts on “four fresh products dinner – bacon wrapped lamb burger with feta cheese.

  1. Looks very delicious, Viveka! I have made a mental note of getting “Brase Kartoffel Krydderi”. I’ll look out for Flying Tiger in the future. I have to withdraw now, I’m off food for the next ten day as we are fasting … 😉

    • Fasting …. ????!!!! May I ask why???!!! That is nothing for me. It’s a brilliant spice mix – hope you can find it. It became a really tasty dish. Thanks, Dina!!!!!

  2. Blow your own horn alright Vivi. It looks so good. I also have some tumeric on the kitchen and like you use it for potato dishes…but not much else. It tastes good but what I dont like about it is that it can stain real bad 😂

    • Thank you, Mabel … turmeric is like saffron, they both creates lifetime stains. I use turmeric in quite a lot of cooking, but never on potatoes on it’s own. Have to try that!!! *smile

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