what a difference a day makes ….

together with sunshine. From hard to find two days ago … to everywhere today – The Spring.

Today has it been our first day of Spring for 2018 and even if it is going to snow and rain tomorrow,  but we will be back in the Spring on Wednesday. In the South East of our county, they got 30 cm/1 foot 2 days ago.

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Easter Monday … what a day. Not a cloud in the sky and not much of a wind, but in the shade, it was a bit nippy. So I decided to do a “test-run” for my Vienna visit. I haven’t been walking much since my Christmas in Kraków, only done the must-visit to the supermarket as most, about 10 min. and I must admit that once I took the bus (2 stops) home because I had shopped more than I comfortable could carry.

Also, I had to test if my broken toe could handle other shoes than my Sketchers, the toe felt comfortable enough in my silver spring shoes and off we went with Oscar in the bag. After about 15 min walk in noticed that I didn’t have my glasses on, but returning home to get them: not in my book! I was worried about how it will work with getting Oscar in focus without glasses, but I must say he managed very well on autofocus. 

Loads of people everywhere, but we have something called the “Art-tour” during 10 days around Easter where our whole counties artist show their art. In our part of the county, the North West there is total 131 artists showing their art. Very popular. The county, Scania, is divided into 3 sections/areas: the North West, The Middle, and Österlen.

It’s art in painting, glass, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, photographic art, wrought … and more – the artists open their workshops or galleries – and they also use public places. Here in Landskrona we had artists both at the Art Hall and the Castle, 7 artists showed their art here in Landskrona. I didn’t visit any of them, but it was one of the reasons why so many people were around.

Easter in Sweden means colorful feather on twigs mixed with colorful eggs – and here in Landskrona most shops have feathered twigs by their entrance.

I decided to take a new path in the Summer Cottages/Lots area that I haven’t been before. All the gardens were so well groomed.

Of course, I ended up on my favorite summer cafe, “Why Not”, at the castle and it was packed – no seat outside or inside. But just before my egg & herring was ready I got a chair at a round table with 3 other guests and 10 minutes later 2 lovely ladies joined the table too. We all had a great time talking about everything, total strangers. Very un-Swedish.

After my coffee break (Fika = in Swedish) I went down to the seafront, the first visit this year … and loads of people walking on the promenade – the beach playground with busy and so was the skateboard rink.

Walk along the main pedestrian street through the city center and then I was home – and I had been out and about for 4 hours. Even the shops were blooming: bags, shoes, and teapots. Also on our main shopping street …. is the midpoint of Europe!!!!

There was plenty of signs that the Spring is on its way – it’s only that the Easter is so early this year and we connect it with Spring.We will have Spring in a weeks time, the cherry blossoms are nearly there.

No proper Spring day without love in the air. 

“O, how this spring of love resembleth
The uncertain glory of an April day”
William Shakespeare


26 thoughts on “what a difference a day makes ….

    • Thank you so much …. it was a very happy day for me today … my toe wasn’t aching and the most wonderful weather. Once again, thanks for your lovely comment.

  1. 🙂 Dear Wivi,
    HAPPY EASTER to you!
    The weather looks fantastic and spring in Landskrona looks very promising!
    Can’t wait to hear all the stories.
    Many hugs xo 🙂

    • A hearty thank you … it has became a brilliant day for all 3 of us – my toe, Oscar and me.
      I have answered your email … if you want me to change hotel date, let me know .. and I will write to them. So looking forward to see Robert, Carol, YOU and Vienna again.

  2. Glad your toe is almost good to go. 🙂 🙂 It’s been totally the opposite here. The wettest, most miserable Bank Holiday I can remember for a long time. Went to Leeds and the Royal Armouries museum yesterday, with James and his little ‘family’. Haven’t been over the doorstep today.

    • It didn’t last long … we have about 1″ snow now and more we will get today. So thankful for yesterday, just what my soul, body and heart needed.

  3. Happy Easter, Vivi! I hope your spring shoes didn’t give your toes a reason to want release from them 😉

    I read in one of the comments that you’re gearing up for Vienna, that is awesome, already looking forward to seeing what you will share with us. Keep warm, okay?

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