searching for the spring

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
Leo Tolstoy

This year it drags on and on and on and on … the “winter” or whatever we can call it. Here in Landskrona on the Southern West coast, we haven’t had that much now, 4 days in total maybe – it has snowed, but it has been gone in less a day. But the wind has been strong and icing cold without any really low temperatures. -8C/+18C at night as most.

On Thursday the wind was strong and icing cold … and in the afternoon we got a light snowfall. Yesterday we had a fantastic Spring Day … no wind and sun was showing its face most of the day – a very mild day. 

Today we are back to the icing wind and shades of grey … and a promise of snowfall.

Glad that I decided to take Oscar for a walk yesterday … searching for the Spring.

My next door neighbor has Spring feeling every Saturday … I think she Spring-cleans the year around.

No sign of buds on the bushes yet – no sign of any full blooming crocus … but its only the end of March. I think its the early Easter that plays with our longings and feelings. We except Spring to show its face at Easter.

But I found some spring …

When I left for my search the backyard was full of kids …. playing. When I returned only one boy was out and he was a bit high flying – he promised me that he was careful climbing back down again. Maybe it was the Spring feels that made him climb. 

In the evening I made pasta again, “vegetarian conversation: pasta with fresh vegetables” but because it is Easter I added smoked salmon to the dish.  We Swede eat loads of eggs, pickled herrings, salmon and chicken during Easter. It was delicious. 

When I have Spring feelings I shop and this time I got myself a new toy: a tablet. It has taken me months of research. I don’t like Apple and for no other reason than that I just down like their products. I’m also a very big fan of Windows, probably the only one left.

But to find a tablet that is Window based and that has good performance without clearing out the lost-account is impossible here in Sweden.

Then I came across great reviews for a tablet from Chuwi, a Chines brand (not available in Sweden). Their tablets have Windows 10, Android 5.1 dual boot – so I can swap between the 2 systems and also I could buy a proper keyboard to it as an add-on, which I did. Bought it through and with postage to Sweden it costs me £170/€195/$240/2000SEK. Had it in 4 days and I have been playing around with it for a couple of hours every day. I have to get used to the setup.

CHUWI Hi10 10.1″ IPS Screen Ultrabook, Dual OS Windows 10 and Android 5.1 4GB / 64GB Intel Z8300 Quad-Core Tablet PC with dual cameras, WiFi, and Bluetooth with a battery time of 8 hours – pretty good!!!! I think Ipad has up to 11 – which is brilliant.

Fantastic screen, crystal clear. The keyboard is so easy to attach and remove. The only con so far is that both speakers are on the same side, so no stereo. I don’t know if I will have stereo when I use the earphones. The keyboard is very comfortable and light; weight: 0.580kg – together with the tablet the total weight: 1.052kg.

What I like most about it is that it isn’t that fast in changing layout of the screen as an Ipad is.

Why I bought a tablet????? Because my netbook, that I love dearly has become very slow and had it in for a checkup and my tech-guys said it was because of age. Only had it for 3 years, but the lifespan of the performance on a netbook is about 3-4 years. I also bought a tablet because I can only bring the tablet when traveling. Still very much a keyboard fan!!!!

CHUWI Hi10 10.1″ welcome to my world!!!

22 thoughts on “searching for the spring

  1. What a lovely smoked salmon pasta, Vivi. What did you use for garnishing, those green things on top?

    Congrats on your new toy. The tablet sounds like it’s getting along with you very well. I am from a completely different generation from you, but I also don’t like Apple – will not go near all that iPhone and iPad nonsense is what I call it…just too expensive for me. Over the years I’ve had my frustrations with Windows as it changes but it is still my go-to platform (and Android). Enjoy your new tablet 🙂

    • Thank you, Mabel …. it’s dill!!! Something we use loads off in Sweden for fish, seafood and pickled herrings.
      Windows 10 was nightmare … in the beginning, but it has become really good and very workable, the silly automatic downloads don’t happens so often anymore. My favourite program was XP. I can swap to Android on my tablet if I want to. It only takes 30 second to reboot, have to get use to Andriod – don’t have a smart phone, so .. I need some training. *smile
      I say the same – Apple far too expensive for what it’s – Samsung is a fantastic brand in everything they are doing, but their phones has become very expensive. I would never pay £700 for a phone. That is 3 return flight tickets for me. And I don’t need to be connected and available all the time. I got the new version of Noika 3310 last year. It rings and I can text. All I need.

      • I actually have some fresh dill in the fridge this weekend…but no fish. Fish is so expensive here in Australia.

        Agree. Windows 10 was not the best at all but it is improving. Haha, I turn off automatic downloads – they just make your computer so slow.

        I have a Samsung smartphone. Cost me a lot but I am hoping it will last for a long time. Good to hear you got a phone that works for you. Simple is what we all want…even for people like me with a smartphone ❤

      • So what do you use dill for????
        Have seen and read that I can turn off the automatic updates – have to look into that. Thanks for the tip.
        I like windows because I can swap from Swedish keyboard and English … and the same with the languages. Brilliant. We have a couple of more letters in our Alphabet.

        I see so many people with cracked screen on their smartphones … because they can’t afford to buy a new. That will drive me crazy. But so long as people are happy with what they have. I loved the flip phones … I have seen that quite a few Hollywood stars has gone back to them.
        Mabel, when I was working my mobile was glued to me ear 24/7 – so I love that I have got my freedom back.

      • Initially I thought I was going to cook either fish or potato so I could use the dill…not I don’t know lol. Maybe I will just keep it in the fridge for later in the week or just throw it in with the next dish I make.

        Definitely worthwhile turning off all the automatic updates…such as the ones updating your Windows system and anti-virus software. I always set mine to manual check and update 🙂

        A cracked phone screen will drive me crazy too. So I am very careful with mine and hope it will last at least another year. I remember those flip phones. So cool to flip a phone open like a secret agent 😀

      • Yes, dill to fish for fish – perfect. You can use it with lamb and beet too.
        I will look into how to turn the updates over manual. Thanks for the tip.
        My UK phone is a flip phone, so practical. Nokia did some fantastic and sleek models. I love Nokia phones, Microsoft owns Nokia today and they still do phones, but it’s very quiet about them. Everything is about Apple and Samsung.

      • I think I will keep the dill in the fridge for next week. Hope it will still be fresh enough then 🙂

        It is amazing to see classic Nokia phones still being manufactured. Those phones lasted so long, and I hope yours will too 🙂 I am every bit the Samsung phone person, but my Nokia 3310 was so memorable when I had it 🙂

      • The best thing to do to keep dill fresh – you cut off a bit of the stalk, put the dill in a very small amount (1cm) of hot water from the tab. Let rest outside the fridge until it goes really crisp – then you put in the fridge still in the glass.
        The battery on the new model isn’t so good as it was on the old … but still 10-12 days I can get out. My old I only charged once per month. Nokia has some fantastic new smartphones and they are only half price to Samsung and Apple.

  2. Your food looks delish, and congrats on your new toy! Unlike you, I do like Apple because of the OS, but agreed they are crazily expensive – my Mac is elderly, still working but I’ll have to get a replacement soon 😧😥

    • Thanks, Sue!!!!! Always fun with a new toy. Apple only works with Apple and everything is so expensive. Special charge … and ports. You are totally locked in with them. Don’t agree with that.
      But people that use Apple are happy with that, good for them. Don’t know what SO means???!!!
      My netbooks, I have 2 .. take ages to start up. I can make a cup of coffee and drink it at times.

      • Okay!!! Still, I’m faithful to Windows, because it suits me with Excel, Publisher, and Words – so easy to use and because I’m used to them. Why rock the boat???

      • I have found plenty of good alternatives! And it’s good to test the brain’s adaptability now and again!! 😉

      • Agree! When I turned on my new toy this evening the WiFi adapter didn’t work????!!! Panic!!! New toy already “capute” But I went to devise manager and rebooted the adapter. Something I never done in my life and don’t have clue what made me do that. We are back in business. That was brain-work on highest level. At least for me! *smile

    • Strangely I haven’t spent that much time with it, not like me at all – but when I connect the keyboard and the tablet it’s just like a netbook with windows 10. I have to practice on the Android. I hope I made a good choice too. *smile

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