another great voice out there – mart babayan (Март Бабаян)

Know very little about this young man – more than he was participated in “The Voice Of Armenia 2013” – he didn’t win. But it looks like he a well establish artist today.


His work is a unique combination of the most actual tendencies of modern pop music and the color of oriental motifs. Mart is the creative pseudonym of the artist, and his real name is Rodion Babayan.

The singer was born in Grozny in 1986. .He moved to Moscow to study at the acting faculty, but later Mart Babayan decided to seriously devote his life to music. He graduated from the various department of the Academy. Gnesin, and decided to pursue a solo career.

Mart Babayan & Margarita Pozoyan – “Было или нет/Was or was not” – single released in 2016, two fantastic voices. We know very little about Eastern artists … the classical singers are putting their feet on the world music scene, but popular music artists … not so lucky.

In 2013, the debut album of Mart Babayan – “Continents” was released. The artist himself admitted that now a new round of his work has begun: Mart Babayan added his native Armenian flavor to his music. In his songs, national musical instruments are now more often heard, one can notice the traditions of Armenian singing. In memory of the famous Armenian artist Mark Saghatelyan, Mart Babayan wrote a song.

“Ты любовь моя”/”You are my Love” – released in 2015

Together with other famous Armenian singers and singers took part in the recording of the composition, and the famous instrumentalist and close friend of Marta Edgar Hakobyan performed the violin part. In 2014 Mart Babayan released a new single and a video clip – “Luby”. This song the artist recorded together with the famous singer Anna Semenovich. (information:

In November 2017 did he single “Родители” (Parents)

The title of this song is “Континенты” ( Continents) and from his first album …. and the video is shot in Stockholm.

I really like his soft and powerful voice.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
Hans Christian Andersen

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