my new clock

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

The other day my faithful 25 years old IKEA glass clock that has been hanging in my kitchens around the UK and Sweden fall to piece – first the minute hand stop working and when I tried to get it going the two main pointers fell off … so that was it. A fantastic relationship has come to an end. 

So I spent hours on Google to find a clock that would be thin enough and colorful enough, at least … colors green, white and yellow … then I got the idea to make one from one of my food images.

And it took me hours to look through all my cooking and dining adventures, hundreds and hundreds of image … then suddenly I remember an image from one of my best dining experience. 

It was in Hong Kong at the end of March 2015, 2 star Michelin The Principle on Star Street – a very memorable evening – my post about the adventure:“two bright stars on star street”. Today the restaurant is permanently closed down – what a pity.

Going back to Hong Kong in April next year … if everything goes to plan and I had hoped that return for another surprising, fun and friendly adventure.

I edited the image because the photo website said the quality wasn’t good enough and placed my order. Today I collected it at my post office.

Love my creation, 5 cm/2 inches smaller than my old (25x25cm/10×10″) – but big enough for me to see the time while I in the kitchen. It is made of acrylic … my old IKEA clock was made of glass.

It took me 4 days to get and the cost €22/£20/$27.50/225SEK with postage and the website: “Smartphoto”. They have websites for most EU countries, sorry US!!!! Sure you have plenty of choices from over there .. that do the same.

Back in business by the stove being a bit creative and with time hopefully is on my side. 

9 thoughts on “my new clock

    • No, I wouldn’t even play with the thought to do the clock myself … how would I transfer the image on to the acrylic. Not worth even to think about it. But thanks for having so “high” thoughts about my ability. I wish you a pleasant weekend.

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